We have admired English musicians for their contribution to the music industry. Have you ever wondered what kind of places they live in and how extravagant their lifestyles must be? Therefore, let’s take a look at these famous English musician’s million dollar homes.


  1. Sting’s Celebrity Lounge
  2. Sting’s Elegant Kitchen
  3. Sting’s Spacious Terrace
  4. Eric Clapton’s Center Room
  5. Eric Clapton’s Kitchen and Lounge

Glimpse Inside Sting’s Manhattan $50 Million Duplex

Photo from Loveproperty

Sting is an English musician and actor as mentioned by Wikipedia. Moreover, he has been very famous with his talent for music since 1985 and with that, he has attained international success as well. Therefore, we could just imagine what kind of lifestyle he has and how comfortable his home would be. Indeed, Sting’s home is luxurious looking from the outside to the inside. Sting’s New York City apartment is very expensive amounting to $50 million and we could say that the price does the place justice as it’s very stunning and has a great view. As mentioned by Loveproperty, The apartment is in Manhattan’s illustrious Upper West Side and it consists of two splendid floors. Furthermore, the whole place has our rock star’s everyday needs! In particular, it’s 5,417 square feet in size and has four spacious bedrooms and four elegant looking bathrooms too!


Photo from Loveproperty

Loveproperty has given us an amazing view of the different parts of his home. It’s not always shocking to find out how celebrities like Sting have this magnificent home because we all know how successful he has always been. But, to take a glimpse around it, is really a nice experience for all of us. We will start with the receiving area for the guests or the celebrity lounge. As we all could see, in this room, every detail is elegant, especially the marble tables, carpeted floors, simple but luxurious looking sala set. Furthermore he has a mini library in here and you could just imagine how fun hanging out in this room is! Besides having a comfortable time, you would also have fun with magazines and books. In fact, the couches look very comfy and the lounge looks cozy in its overall appearance. Above all, we could take a glimpse at a guitar at the side of the main couch and we all could say that it is a musician’s home!


Moreover, Lee F. Mindel of Shelton, Mindel & Associates crafted the home’s interior design. Indeed, Sting and his wife did an incredible job for this home! The floor plan was carefully designed and customized by Sting and his wife as stated by Loveproperty. In particular, the whole chef kitchen is painted in white to give it a simple but elegant look. The cabinetry were refined and there’s a stunning staircase that serves as a design too. Furthermore, the oven and the stove are placed in an orderly manner that looks very convenient but also adds a sophisticated look to the whole kitchen!


Meanwhile, the terrace is even better! As we can see, we can hang out in this place and get a breathtaking view while drinking coffee or just reading a book! Fresh air is guaranteed as nature lushly occupies the outside. This is a dream view for anyone who wants to unwind every now and then. The 396-square-foot private terrace is such a stunning part of the home. What could we say about this terrace? This would make us speechless as we tour around his home.  As we can see, it’s very spacious too. Every room is elegantly presented with very luxurious fixtures and other essential things. Loveproperty also stated there is an awesome sauna in its bathrooms! Sting has chosen a great taste for providing a great ambiance for every part of his house!

Glimpse Inside Eric Clapton’s $5.495 Home

Next we have Eric Clapton. We all have heard of him because of the popular music he has delivered to us. Furthermore, Wikipedia mentioned that Eric Clapton is an English rock and blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Indeed, he has acclaimed worldwide success in his lifetime. In fact, he has been named one of the most influential and skilled guitarists of all time as Lisa Ellis points out. Therefore, let’s take a tour at his luxurious home.


With his success, he has acquired a number of property homes in different places. Indeed, he has several homes we could take a look at but let’s take a glimpse at a specific one. Let’s focus on the Venice Beach Home built by a Japanese architect Arata Isozaki as stated by Jennifer Tzeses in Architectural Digest. And according to Jennifer, Eric Clapton’s home is the only real estate property in the U.S by the japanese architect! How cool is that? However, it is on the market now for $5.495 million. But, still, let’s delve into how luxurious this home looks like. The home centers on a magnificent room of 30-foot ceilings. This part of the house obviously gives us the vibe that it’s a musician’s home. There’s a piano and fixtures that are really great to look at. Furthermore, there’s a palm tree inside giving the beach vibe to all of us! Paintings of beaches are also hung up on the walls. There are numerous and abundant windows, and also elegantly looking hardwood flooring. 


Meanwhile, the kitchen also has paintings hung up on every side of the walls! Eric Clapton must be a great fan of visionary arts. Painting is a mode of creative expression for everyone so we could totally say that Eric is creative in terms of music and arts as well. The concept is really stunning as the contradicting colors gives a sophisticated look and look really great! Furthermore, the lounge is also beautiful! It has a glass table, coffee-colored couches that looks really comfy as well! At the side, there’s a mini library too, like in Sting’s celebrity lounge. Musicians must really love books and arts too. It’s great to witness these homes. Without a doubt, Jennifer has provided us a glimpse at Eric Clapton’s wonderful place.


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