Behind the continuous growth of the market and economy in Asia are innovative entrepreneurs who keep figuring out new ways to satisfy and bring convenience to Asian and worldwide consumers. Therefore, let us find out in this article who these people are – featuring the top 25 richest Asian entrepreneurs.

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RankNameNet WorthAgeCountrySource of WealthIndustryWorldwide Billionaires RankCountry’s Richest Rank
1Mukesh Ambani$84.5 billion64IndiaReliance IndustriesDiversified#10#1
2Zhong Shanshan$68.9 billion66ChinaNongfu Spring; Wantai BiopharmFood & Beverage; Pharmaceuticals#13#1
3Ma Huateng$65.8 billion49ChinaTencent HoldingsTechnology#15#2
4Colin Huang$55.3 billion41ChinaPinduoduo Technology#21#3
5Gautam Adani$50.5 billion58IndiaAdani GroupDiversified#24#2
6Jack Ma$48.4 billion56ChinaAlibaba GroupTechnology#26#4
7Masayoshi Son$45.4 billion63JapanSoftBank GroupTelecom#29#1
8Tadashi Yanai$44.1 billion72JapanFast RetailingFashion & Retail#31#2
9Wang Wei$39.0 billion50ChinaSF ExpressService#35#5
10He Xiangjian$37.7 billion78ChinaMidea GroupManufacturing#37#6
11Zhang Yiming$35.6 billion37ChinaByteDance; TiktokTechnology#39#7
12Li Ka-shing$33.7 billion93Hong Kongdiversifieddiversified#43#1
13Qin Yinglin$33.5 billion56ChinaMuyuan FoodsFood & Beverage#44#8
14William Lei Ding$33.0 billion49ChinaNetEaseTechnology#45#9
15Lee Shau-kee31.7 billion93Hong KongHenderson Land DevelopmentReal Estate#47#2
16Yang Huiyan$29.6 billion39ChinaCountry GardenReal Estate#50#10
17Robin Zeng$28.4 billion52ChinaContemporary Amperex Technology (CATL)Energy#52#11
18Hui Ka Yan$27.7 billion62ChinaEvergrande GroupReal Estate#53#12
19Pang Kang$26.4 billion65ChinaFoshan Haitian FlavouringFood & Beverage#57#13
20Wang Xing$26.1 billion42ChinaMeituanTechnology#60#14
21Takemitsu Takizaki$25.8 billion76JapanKeyenceManufacturing#62#3
22Jiang Rensheng$24.4 billion67ChinaAnhui Zhifei LongcomHealthcare#69#15
23Shiv Nadar$23.5 billion75IndiaHCL TechnologiesTechnology#71#3
24Zhang Zhidong$23.4 billion49ChinaTencentTechnology#73#16
25Zhang Yong$23.0 billion50SingaporeHaidilaoFood & Beverage#75#1
25Lei Jun$23.0 billion51ChinaXiaomiTechnology#75#16

Net Worth of the Richest Asian Entrepreneurs

According to Forbes and Wikipedia, the top 25 richest Asian businessmen have a net worth ranging from $23 billion to $84.5 billion as of writing. Ten out of 25, or 40%, belong to the lower bracket with a net worth below $30 billion. The other 40% are in the middle ranks with a net worth of $31-$49 billion, while the remaining 20% belong to the top 5 richest, having a net worth of $50-$85 billion. 

Sitting on the top of our list are Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani – the top 2 wealthiest people in India, while Zhong Shanshan, Ma Huateng, and Colin Huang are the top 3 richest people from China.   

Age Group

Among our top 25 Asian entrepreneurs, the eldest ones are already 93 years old – Lee Shau-kee and Li Ka-shing. Similarly, these two are also the richest businessmen in Hong Kong. Most of the entrepreneurs on our list belong to the age group of 50 to 70 years old. On the other hand, the youngest among them are in their late thirties to early forties: Wang Xing, 42, Colin Huang, 41, Yang Huiyan, 39, and Zhang Yiming, 37. 

Asian Countries with the Wealthiest Businessmen

Seventeen of the wealthiest Asian entrepreneurs are from China, while three are from India. Similarly, Japan also has the three richest people on the list. There are also two from Hong Kong and one from Singapore.

Worldwide Standing

Only one out of the top 25 made it to the top 10 billionaires of the world – Mukesh Ambani, founder of Reliance Industries, who has a net worth of $84.5 billion. Zhong Shanshan of Nongfu Spring and Tencent founder Ma Huateng are the 13th and 15th billionaires worldwide with $68.9 billion and $65.8 billion, respectively. The rest of the businessmen on our list belong to rank 21 to 75 on the Forbes list of 2021 billionaires.


The wealthiest entrepreneurs of Asia are focusing on the Technology industry (including e-commerce) – 9 out of 25 among our top 25 list specializes in this industry like Tencent, Pinduoduo, Alibaba, ByteDance, NetEase, Meituan, HCL, and Xiaomi. On the other hand, there are four who focus on the Food and Beverage industry; three on Real Estate; while another three have diversified businesses. Others belong to other sectors like healthcare, package delivery service, telecom, energy, and fashion & retail. 

Gender, Marital Status, and Education

There is only one female among the richest Asian entrepreneurs – Yang Huiyan of Country Garden from China. She is also the wealthiest woman in Asia, having a net worth of $29.6 billion. 

20 out of 25 are also married; Li Ka-shing is the only widowed, while Lee Shau-kee is divorced. 

The majority of our top businessmen have a bachelor’s degree. Only Robin Zeng has a Doctorate, while Colin Huang, Wang Xing, and Zhang Zhidong have a Master’s degree. Surprisingly, six out of 25 are college dropouts or have never gone to college. 

Richest Woman Entrepreneur in Asia – Yang Huiyan
(Image Source: Forbes)



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