Ranked: Top 8 Fantastic Fanmade Psychic Pokémon Evolutions

According to Pokemon Wiki, There are over 84 Pokémon that are Psychic-type, and that’s 10.47% of all Pokémon. Therefore, we have trimmed the list down to the top 8, so you could have a look at what the best artworks are! Let’s dive into the Pokémon Universe once again and take a glimpse at the top 8 fantastic fanmade psychic Pokémon evolutions!

1. MEW

Photos from Bulbapedia and Pinterest

The first on our list is the bipedal Pokémon with mammalian features such as fine fur that is also well known for its impressive ability to learn every technique and move quickly, as mentioned by Bulbapedia. Furthermore, Our active and sweet-looking psychic type of Pokémon has an astounding evolution for all of us to appreciate. Instead of a plain, blush pink-colored creature, our artist, Phatmon, incorporated a purple hue to its feet and hands. Moreover, it retained its rounded and wide mouth and triangular ears. However, Phatmon shifted to a different shade of blue for its eyes, making it look a bit more elegant than the original version. It has a tangled long tail with purple circular markings depicting a significant and evident enhancement. Indeed, this fanmade evolution of Mew is one of the top 10 fantastic fanmade psychic Pokémon evolutions.


Photos from Bulbapedia and Pinterest

Next, we have our dandelion yellow-skinned Pokemon Hypno. The artwork of our Pokemon consists of having enormous hands extending on both sides on its shoulders. The fanmade evolution of Boomkin has earned many praises by viewers in Reddit because of the enormous details he has enhanced aggressively. Some people even imagine extra powers for our Pokemon like “bad dreams ability” because of this fantastic artwork. Furthermore, this fanmade evolution has Hypno in sitting Indian style with its fingers are positioned in the form of mediating ability that manifests how powerful his skills would be especially inducing sleep to enemies in seconds. It has flaming dark purple emissions from its shoulders, circling its necks upward, exhibiting a solid look for our Pokemon. Without a doubt, our artist has given us a magnificent transformation of Hypno.


Photos from Bulbapedia and PNGFind

Next, we have our quadrupedal and mammalian Pokemon Espeon. Initially, Espeon has slender legs covered in refined periwinkle colored velvety fur Pokemon as mentioned by Bulbapedia, but our artist had provided us with an epic transformation of Espeon! Indeed, the overall appearance was greatly enhanced, exhibiting an elegant, beautiful but fearless Pokemon. In particular, instead of a single plain color, this artwork in Pngfind shows us different fantastic hues of blue, purple, pink, yellow, and green. Above all, it has a light color rainbow on top of its ears that is also enhanced. It is longer and pointed upwards a bit more than the original version that is slightly falling. A gem embedded on its forehead is still an essential physical attribute for our psychic Pokemon.


Photos from Bulbapedia and Deviantart

Meanwhile, Phatmon gives a Musharna fanmade evolution unlike any other, as seen in Deviantart! In this evolution, Musharna still has its eyes closed and curled up into a round creature facing down, has three eyelashes and oval pink markings on its cheeks that are retained features for it. Those features are included fabulously, making it evident that it’s still Musharna; however, the fur on top of its head is long and has four stars in it, separated evenly. Without a doubt, our artist created a much more charming and cute Musharna. In fact, it also has flower-shaped markings on its back, and it grew its ears.


Photos from Bulbapedia and Deviantart

Next on our list is our psychic and pig-like Pokemon that lives in the Pokemon mountains, Grumpig. Indeed, Smiley Fakemon has created a work of art that’s truly wonderful and interesting. Instead of just three shiny black pearls, this evolution has an additional giant pearl on the center of its tummy. These pearls are for psychic powers to control enemies, according to Bulbapedia. Therefore, we could predict that this fanmade evolution has much more powerful abilities. Furthermore, it has a mixture of mauve purple and periwinkle colors for its body. Moreover, as Pokemon fans, we all know the famous dance it performs while using its powers. Thus, we could still see a joyful vibe in this evolution because it depicts a much bigger smile, so we could imagine how awesome Grumpig would dance!


Photos from Bulbapedia and Pokemonpets

Meanwhile, another psychic type, Pokemon, has an extraordinary fanmade evolution. Without a doubt, Pokemonpets has granted us an opportunity to witness a very grand version of Chimecho! Our fantastic artist enhanced its tag-like tail with an additional pink pattern at both ends and an accessory of five golden chime-bells falling from its neck. In addition to that, the golden suction cup on top of its head has two threads of white and pink locks. As Pokemon fans, we are aware that this psychic Pokemon Chimecho can make ultrasonic sound waves. With this enhanced evolution, we couldn’t imagine how powerful those sound waves would be!


Photos from Bulbapedia and Deviantart

Another fanmade evolution for a psychic Pokemon has been crafted exquisitely! Deoxys has a large amethyst bead on its forehead,  segmented blue stripes on its hands, and black segmented strips on its feet in this evolution. In addition to that, the artwork consists of the tail extending from the side of its ears with rounded ends. Furthermore, the most dominant color for this fanmade evolution is orange. Indeed our artist, Deko-kun, has exhibited to us a more aggressive look for Deoxys.


Photos from Bulbapedia and Pinterest

The last on our psychic type Pokémon list is Cresselia. Undoubtedly, TonyFicticium has exerted a lot of passion and effort into creating this fanmade evolution labeled as the Maiden of Dreams Mega Cresselia. The swan-like Pokémon was enhanced fabulously with its radiant and glowing colors of pink, sky blue, cerulean blue, and yellow. The ring-like wings were developed in the most astonishing way displaying to us a Cresselia unlike any other! Moreover, the elegant and gigantic fuschia pink pearl is at the middle of the two tails. With that, this creative fanmade evolution is included in the top 8 fantastic fanmade psychic Pokémon evolutions. 



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