A Glimpse Inside Leighton Meester’s $6.5 Million Home

Have you ever wondered where your most adored character from your favorite series lives and what the insides of that home looks like? Therefore, let’s take a look at Leighton Meester’s $6.5 Million home.

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Who wouldn’t be interested in the Upper Side Princess “Queen B’s” lifestyle? We got you. In this article, we will feature Leighton Meester’s Pacific Palisades home. She has starred in different movies and series, but one series stands out from the rest. Leighton is best-known as Blair Waldorf from the hit television series Gossip Girl. With its widespread success, fans have been eager to know what kind of life Leighton has now. Leighton Meester and Adam Brody own a $6.5 Million Pacific Palisades Home, as mentioned by Joyce Chen in Architectural Digest. Leighton married Adam and gave birth to a baby girl. Since then, she has wanted to purchase a family home that would be comfortable for them. The home is a three-story, five-bedroom, and six-bathroom property.


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The house is entirely surrounded by nature from the outside, making it a great option to live in. The modern look vibe of the place gives it a great touch. Indeed, Leighton and Adam have chosen the most prestigious-looking home even from the outside. This house is cozy and looks really nice. In the receiving area, a group of sala sets is arranged for visitors to have a great time. With colors grey, orange, peach, and white, this house area is truly an excellent place to chill and have some occasional meetings. In addition to that, there were five spectacularly looking and spacious bedrooms. These bedrooms are spacious enough to accommodate more than 5 to 8 persons per room for a great slumber party! That part right there is totally cool! Imagine the fun they get during holidays by inviting loved ones or friends and having a good time! You could enter every room and still be surprised to witness how perfectly it fits for every designated use.


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Meanwhile, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms are all elegantly designed to fit the modern and lavish look of the house as a whole. We could say that Leighton and Adam had perfectly good taste in choosing a home that would make them comfortable as well as a home that would sparkle success all over the place. Moreover, it is already given that they would have a fancy house, but to glimpse what it indeed looks like really gives us the extravagant lifestyles that they are still living, and we know they truly deserve it! Furthermore, the hallways are exquisite, and guests would be amazed to witness such an aesthetic home with chandeliers in most rooms. Furthermore, there are terraces with amazing views that would truly surprise anyone that could have the opportunity to visit this modish home. The deck offers a nice and quiet time that could make you relax with its exterior. Overall, this home is truly designed with elegance, and you would recognize Blair Waldorf’s lavish life by visiting this home. 


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