Jaw-dropping Houses of Renowned Korean Actors

Celebrities live extravagant lives. There’s so much to learn about how they live, and things about them will directly become an inspiration to many when revealed. So with that, here are Jaw-dropping Houses of Renowned Korean Actors.


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According to koreaboo.com, The 34-year-old actor Yoo Ah-in who has appeared in the drama “Chicago typewriter,” has recently unveiled his three-story home in the variety show I live alone,” which cost him $5,000,000. As mentioned in the metro.style, all the rooms are elegant and modern, with personal touches representing the owner’s style.

As an artist, Yoo Ah-in’s home is filled with great furniture and decor, transforming the house into a collective art gallery. Almost every part of his home has a painting that is not hanging on the wall. Such notable choices include the sofa lounge and the mirror beside it, as well as the array of vases and artwork. So naturally, his white bed is very enticing. He also has a collection of books.

Moreover, the dining room decoration is looking impressive; the dining light and table are very minimalist. Yoo Ah-in’s bathroom is almost as big as a standard room of an average person, he has a beautiful bathtub, and the extra spaces are imposing, and he even has different baths for his pets. He also has a wine room, a garden, and a terrace on his rooftop. Overall his house is very spacious yet clean.


According to the metro.style Namgoong Min, with 56th Baesang Arts Awards for Best Drama “Hot Stove League,” designed his flat in Seoul all by himself. He remodeled the whole space, following all his plans. Plus, his apartment is located where the view of the Han River is breathtaking. His house’s wall is coated with white paint and is very tidy inside.

Namgoong Min’s closets are full of signature suits and other collections. You won’t find much decoration inside his house, but it doesn’t make the place less of a home. Furthermore, his dining table is white, and all his cabinets and different types of furniture are also white. In his living room, you will find a light brown sofa with a giant bear. The 43-year-old Namgoong Mim seems to be a very organized and neat person because of his home looks.


The 44-year-old Song Seung-Heon, born in Seoul, South Korea, is a South Korean model, singer, and actor. According to the metro.style, Song Seung-Heon has a beautiful cabin on Jeju island. The house is equipped with modern appliances and things that he might need during his stay on the island. In addition, the place has a wide glass window and terrace facing the ocean, which gives Song Seung-heon the feeling of calmness.

The house’s interior of this Korean actor is painted white and gray that provides the home with a manly look, while the house’s interior is just plain cement that makes it look rustic and simple. Additionally, it is not that spacious compared to a city home, but it still gives everything that a person needs to a house, peace, and comfort. According to soompi.com, Song Seung Heon is currently living on Jeju Island to work on his upcoming drama, “Shall We Have Dinner Tonight.”


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