Discovering Bill Gate’s $127,000,000 Mansion

If you are curious to discover the home of a man whose net worth is over $95 billion, keep reading because this will blow your mind. Let’s have a glimpse inside Bill Gate’s $127,000,000 Mansion!

A spokeswoman for Bill Gates said claims that he mistreated employees were false.
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According to Forbes, Bill Gates is the third wealthiest man in the world. This extremely massive, luxurious, and high-tech property takes up 66,000 square feet of land. According to a Business Insider article, it took about seven years and $63 million to build this home. In addition to that, Bill Gates decided to call this property Xanadu 2.0 a reference to a mansion in Citizen Kane’s film. The home exterior immediately gives off cabin vibes since most of the outer structure is built with wood. A Rethinking the Future article states that this home has a Pacific Lodge style. Furthermore, It is also good to note that the house is surrounded by many tall trees, helpful in contributing both privacy and fresh air to the homeowners.


The rooms have sensor systems that you can adjust the climate and lighting according to your preference. Bill Gates sure knows how to take care of his guests. Despite its enormous size, it only has seven bedrooms. However, he has six kitchens and twenty-four bathrooms. This place is filled with awesome technology. Not only does it have a heated driveway and floors, but the estate also has sensors that can track the pins given to the guests. There are numerous living areas in this home, and one of them features an aquarium that showcases marine animals from jellyfish to dolphins.


Xanadu 2.0 also has a sauna, gym, locker rooms, steam rooms, and even a trampoline room. But as you may expect, Bill Gates’ favorite part of the home is his 2100 square foot library. This place is exactly like the libraries in movies: it has secret bookshelves. Moreover, this home has a movie theatre that can accommodate up to 20 guests. And get this, it has its popcorn machine! It seems like you can do practically anything on this property.


And if Bill needs to host more guests, he can invite them all into the home’s 2300 square foot reception hall to fit 200 guests. Don’t even worry about the parking space because this property has garages that can fit up to a total of 23 cars. As we get deeper into the home, it gets more evident that this place can house a whole village. The most impressive thing about the house is probably the fact that it is Earth-sheltered. A Business Insider article explains that this property was built into its surroundings, which allows it to generate heat more efficiently. It’s such a fascinating experience to discover Bill Gate’s mansion!


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