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Inside Look at Madison Beer’s Farmhouse

Apparently, the modern farmhouse trend is not dead yet. In November of 2020, singer and songwriter Madison Beer purchased her very own modern farmhouse. And it is gorgeous, to say the least. So stay close as we give you a glance at Madison Beer’s Farmhouse.


This modern gem’s exterior has a charcoal color, making the home look more solid or substantial. Moreover, we are confident that Madison’s privacy won’t be invaded as she has numerous gates and bushes enveloping her property. Speaking of her privacy, the windows of Madison’s home are of medium sizes, which is a good thing considering how invading paparazzi’s footages are getting nowadays. With that, let us talk about the inside of the home. Like most farmhouses, this estate also has alight interior decor, as you can see from the milky white walls. In addition, several floor-to-ceiling doors lead you to the backyard, making the place appear wider and even more welcoming. Moreover, the flat is mostly covered with sophisticated wooden accents and neutral hues, perfect for Madison’s taste.


The living room showcases a white sectional sofa, giant bean bag, dark carpet, and a simple coffee table. The star definitely went for a more minimalistic layout for this house. Just between the living room and kitchen is a marble countertop. And the overall white theme of the home is consistent throughout the kitchen, as you can tell by the cabinets and drawers. Needless to say, this part of the house is cohesive. Madison Beer has a lot of personal touches accessorizing her home. She has music plaques plastered on the wall, skateboards displayed in her living room, and even some of her favorite vintage Playboy magazines on the desks.

We were able to draw the structure of the master bedroom from the singer’s TikTok live. Walking inside, you can spot an elegant vanity set up against the wall. A studio place, complete with amic and speakers, and shelves are also neatly placed on the side of the room. In her live stream, she showcases her different designer bags and other significant souvenirs sitting on her shelf, including the piece of paper a medium used to channel and communicate her dead relatives with. Positioned in front and center is her decent-sized bed, with a white upholstered headboard to complete the area’s overall design. And, of course, the star has the trendy LED lights installed on her ceiling. In the master bathroom, Madison has a relaxing bathtub and a walk-in shower she can use to relax and unwind after a long day.


Because of all the modeling, music video shoots, and photoshoots the star has to do; one room is definitely not enough to store all her clothes, shoes, and accessories. Plus, this is why she has two walk-in closets. One mainly contains her clothes, while the other is dedicated to holding her sneakers and bags. Here, the star also has a wall covered with printed outfit ideas. Additionally, she explained that this helps her decide what to wear on days she cannot come up with ideas.

We would love to know what you guys think of this estate. Let us know in the comment section below if you admire the Multimillion-dollar Farmhouse of Madison Beer too. Don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe to the channel for more videos like this.


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