Ranked: 10 Innovative Fanmade Mega X Pokémon Evolutions

See how these artists will make us love their versions of our favorite Pokémons. Here’s the list of innovative fanmade Mega X Pokémon Evolutions!

1. Mega Greninja X

The first on our list is Mega Greninja X! As we all know, Greninja evolves from Frogadier at level 36. Our artist, ShinArt, has created this illustration of its future Mega X Pokémon evolution! Our water-type Pokémon evolves into a strong ice Pokémon with its excellent features and brighter colors.

2. Mega Gyarados X

Magikarp is practically purposeless but evolving into Gyarados with proper Pokémon training, and it will be massive and powerful. How much more powerful would Gyarados be in its Mega X Pokémon Evolution? This serpentine Pokémon would be more aggressive! ShinArt made this Mega Gyarados X with such details depicting strength.

3. Mega Lunala X

Our dual-type psychic/ghost legendary Pokémon, Lunala, also has a Mega X Pokémon Evolution! In this version,  graphics were enhanced to manifest its elegant bat-like wings. Lunala would be unbeatable and terrifying that enemies would fear it. It is truly remarkable, and our artist, ShinArt, has done a great job!             

4. Mega Totodile X

Our beloved little Totodile, known for having sharp teeth, has a version of this Mega X Pokémon Evolution with great features and enhanced characteristics.  Not only is the Pokémon’s back filled with dangerous spikes, but also its entire body. It would be impossible for enemies to come near in Pokémon battles.

5. Mega Charizard X

This evolution was brilliant, and it indeed depicts Charizard’s power abilities as a fire dragon having him unleash violent flames from his head and tail. It has a cannonball of flame energy in his mouth that shows how robust his powers are. Once again, ShinArt has done a marvelous job at this!

6. Mega Gengar X

Our dual-type Ghost/Poison Pokémon, Gengar, was given a Mega X evolution by our artist, ShinArt. Imagine the Team Rocket using this Mega X Pokémon Evolution! That would be fun and great to watch because this type would be more aggressive since Gengar has a crown and a devil’s wand.

7. Mega Mewtwo X

Mewtwo is already powerful enough to defeat Pokémons with minimal effort. Imagine having Mega Mewtwo X Pokémon evolution which our artist, ShinArt, has created for us! This incredible version of Mewtwo has a darker version of blue and grey with red flaming eyes holding its hand up with electric shock.

8. Mega Lapras X

Let’s not forget our Pokémon, Lapras. As we all can observe, Lapras has an endearing and lovely physical look, and an artist with the username NeoCyania has given us Mega Lapras X Pokémon  Evolution. It depicts how Lapras can increase its strength and speed without losing its charm and cuteness!

9. Mega Bulbasaur X

The artist, Max S, thought that some Pokémon starters don’t have the other forms of mega evolution, so he did them justice and created Mega X versions of Squirtle and Bulbasaur! In this version, Bulbasaur has a ghost-type feature incorporated in it, giving it a very original and darker look!

10. Mega Squirtle X

The last on our list is the adorable Pokémon starter, Squirtle! This mega X evolution of our water-type Pokémon is fascinating because it has a hearty twist! The Pokémon’s cannons are shaped like hearts surrounded by pink shells which is a unique feature. It has a feminine yet impressive look! 



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