20 Popular and Successful Shopify Websites

Shopify is software that people use for building a business from start to success. It’s a multinational e-commerce company in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Moreover, Shopify is a subscription-based software for creating an online store, selling products, and reaching out to potential customers. Because of this, we did quick research, and we’ve found these 20 most popular Shopify websites below.


Cettire offers top-of-the-line clothing signatures, bags, and accessories for men and women. The overall format of the website contains superb visuals. The items were shot and presented to look luxurious and classy. Since people these days aim for sophistication, Cettire significantly provides them with what they need. 


Next on the list is Colourpop that was founded in 2014 by Seed Beauty. This platform was made with and for love in the Angels of the City. Moreover, due to its success, Colourpop received awards and recognitions, such as Reviewer’s Choice Winner in 2018, OK! Beauty Award Winner in 2018, and many others. Until now, Colourpop continues to produce a wide range of cosmetics and makeup, and they continually bring happiness to those people who keep themselves beautiful in and out using these products. 


Another successful Shopify website today is Fashion Nova. It’s one of the world’s leading quick-to-market apparent and lifestyle brands. They have a wide range of products, such as dresses, jumpsuits and rompers, jeans, tops and bodysuits, pants and leggings, lingerie, and many others. You can visit the website now to see more exciting pieces that will fit your lifestyle and satisfy your fashion taste. 


If you’re looking for quality electronic products, the JB HI-FI is for you. They sell tons of products of different brands, such as Apple, Bose, Breville, Dyson, Fitbit, and many others. Besides that, they also offer services related to technology and electronics, including TV installations, mobile phone plans, Applecare, BYOD schools programs, and many more. 


For people who are into physical exercise and gym workouts, this next online platform is for you. The Gymshark is one of the most popular Shopify websites today. It offers tons of comfortable and innovative clothes for men and women. By visiting the website, you can find different gym accessories and clothes designed for your progress and gain the best results to stay fit and healthy. It includes, but is not limited to, gym hoodies, shirts, seamless leggings, and many more.  


Ronnie Fieg started the company, and today, it’s now one of the most popular platforms in the country’s footwear industry. Kith has multifunctional brands for women, men, and kids. It offers a wide range of premium and high-quality products, including in-house labels to a customized and high-end selection of footwear and apparel. Besides that, Kith has extended to three different shop-in-shops at Hirshleifers, Goodman, and overseas at Selfridges. 

7. ALO

Alo is one of the most popular Shopify websites offering high-quality yoga clothing to people who have a healthy yoga lifestyle. It significantly promotes the real meaning of studio-to-street by practicing on your mat and putting it into your life. Hence, if you plan to incorporate yoga into your lifestyle, visit the Alo website now to start your yoga journey.


Zanerobe is another popular online platform for the Flintlock Tees, Sureshot Jogger, high-end fabric, and high-quality garment construction. It aims to source materials, packaging, hardware, and even getting rid of any harmful externalities, and focusing on some areas of the business for improvement. Moreover, to produce quality and style is Zanerobe’s valuable commitment. 


Staples is another online store for a wide range of products and services. They sell ink and office machines, office supplies, home furniture, computers, computer accessories and components, and electronics. They also have various products for food and cleaning, health and safety, and warehouse and facilities. 

Moreover, Staples also offers different services, including print and marketing services, graphic design, web design, and digital marketing, shipping services, promotional products, and a lot more. You can visit the actual website to check other products and services they offer that you need. 


Usatuan is an avenue for affordable products, from household to healthcare. The products they offer include, but are not limited to, vitamins and minerals, beverages and cereal, and children’s health care and products. Besides that, Usatuan also has supplies for household needs, anti-aging and beauty, skin, nail, and hair care products. Hence, if you need any of these, visit the website now to process your purchase. 

11. M N M L 

M N M L  consists of industry veterans dedicated to creating and designing new silhouettes and exploring fabrics in the market. It’s in the heart of Los Angeles and aims to stay on the fashion industry’s lead. As fashion and style continue to be dynamic and change, M N M L also keeps up with the change and innovations. 


Pura Vida offers hand-made bracelets and fashionable jewelry. It displays beautiful bracelets in a boutique locally. These best-selling pieces are not just friendship bracelets, but they serve as a movement for celebrating the simplicity of life. According to local Costa Ricans, the English translation of “Pura Vida” is “Pure Life.” 


The perfect place to find creative, fashionable, and chic jewelry. Missoma is a popular platform of different styles, cultures, and designs. Their innovative team of designers lets the products undergo tests with samples before putting their final pieces on display and final production. 

14. OMAZE 

Omaze is a popular fundraising company. It partners with various stars and celebrities in handling different fundraising events. Moreover, the said events offer prizes, such as property, material goods, and even celebrity experiences. It may include multiple non-winner prizes and one grand prize for those who win in the event. 


Out of the Sandbox is another successful Shopify website that has been popular on the platform since 2011. It’s an independent company that consists of expert theme developers and designers in producing high-quality premium themes for your Shopify stores. Choosing a theme and designing your online shop can be challenging, but with Out of the Sandbox, you’ll surely get substantial support and ideas that will significantly help your store reach success. 


If you’re planning to have a Shopify online store for your business, Pagefly will give you assistance, ideas and build any customized pages to optimize your online store. Moreover, Pagefly will let you access all features, templates, and analytic tools. There are free membership and paid plans, but you can upgrade anytime if you decide to scale your shop. 


Located in the United Kingdom, Vanquish Fitness is in the Internet and Mail-Order Retail industry. It focuses on fitness garments for athletes and other sports enthusiasts. Moreover, Vanquish Fitness stands for positivity, success, and growth. It solely aims to help you achieve your goals for health and physical fitness. Hence, visit the website now and be part of the growing Fitness Clothing community.  


Ledger is built for security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies. The company was successfully launched in 2014 by different experts with years of experience in cryptocurrencies, embedded security, and entrepreneurship. Moreover, Ledger creates safe and secure solutions for any blockchain applications. 


Shashi is the perfect place to buy different pieces of jewelry that will surely fit your fashion taste and style. It offers rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in various colors and designs. Hence, if you’re into accessories and jewelry, this website is for you.


Giulio offers high-fashion clothes for men and women. It was established in 1982, and it’s a popular platform for people who love luxury fashion. It’s located on King Street in Cambridge for more than thirty long years. The store has a wide range of the latest and trendy men’s fashion clothing and women’s apparel. 


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