Top 2 Infinite Ways To Die: Unexpected Incidents of Death

Death is an inevitable thing that may happen to everyone. No one knows how and when, but it surely will. Hence, in this article, you’ll discover two different incidents that resulted in a horrible death. Inspired by the iconic “1000 Ways To Die”, we bring to you top 2 Infinite Ways To Die.


Water slides provide excitement and amusement among people. However, that was not the case for a young woman who visited Concord’s Waterworld in June of 1997. That day, dozens of Napa High School students attempted to fit themselves inside a Banzai Pipeline slide. As expected, this ended up in tragedy. 

It was Monday, the seniors of Napa High were greatly anticipating their trip to the water park. Before they decided to go on any rides, the group formulated a plan. In an East Bay Times article, we read that the students planned to insert themselves in a single slide one by one.

In Napa High, this was called “clogging.” According to the students, Seniors have been doing this on their trips for years.

However, this batch of students wanted to step up the game and make it more extreme. They planned on fitting about 70 people in the slide. Because it was only designed for just one rider at a time, the slide eventually collapsed. 

Out of all the students involved in this incident, eighteen were hospitalized, with two in critical condition. Unfortunately, this fall about 40 feet above ground led to one death. 

Quimby Ghilotti was only 18 when she suffered blunt force trauma to the head. The principal explained the scene in an East Bay Times article, saying that “The students described the noise like a loud crack, and the bodies came falling out of the sky.”

Of course, the mother of the victim was beyond distressed. She shared their mother-and-daughter relationship with SFGATE, saying that, “We were so close to each other, and our days together were so precious.”


Here’s another incident of unexpected death. Read this second episode of “Infinite Ways To Die” inspired by the iconic “1000 Ways To Die.”

You may or may not be familiar with pull-down beds. They are beds that help maximize room space. When not needed, they are positioned against the wall. You’ll then simply pull them down when it’s finally bedtime. 

Unfortunately, this type of bed caused the death of two elderly women in December of 2009. Mildred Bowman, 62, and her sister Alice Wardle, 68, were trapped under the beds’ wooden casings in the middle of their sleep.

According to the Gorilla Cool website, this incident took place in the Levante Club Apartments. The saddest part is, the sisters remained in that position, suffocating, for a total of four days. While all of this was happening in their room, their families desperately searched for them in a Benidorm resort. 

Daily Mail UK reported that according to the investigators, their deaths were completely avoidable. They discovered that the beds didn’t fit into the walls correctly. The screws and wall plugs were also not perfectly placed onto the bed’s mounted storage unit. Gateshead coroner Mr. Carney further explained that the screws were the wrong size

All of those reasons, combined with the fact that there are no provided instructions on how to assemble the beds, eventually led to Mildred and Alice’s sad death.

The authorities reported that they discovered bruises and cuts on their hands, indicating that they repeatedly attempted to escape. Because of this, they concluded that the cause of death of both sisters was asphyxiation

In a Chronicle Live article, Mildred’s son Paul Bowman said, “My mom and aunt had horrendous deaths, and that shouldn’t be forgotten.”


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