Ranked: 10 Most Beautiful Geese

As we all know, geese are a very aesthetical kind of bird. They were used in the past as guarding pets, thanks to their protective nature and loud voices. Geese love improving their nest by collecting twigs and leaves and really enjoy preening their beautiful feathers. Here are the 10 Most Beautiful Geese out there.

1. African Goose

The African goose is the largest and most robust of the geese. It has full body, long neck, and thick orange or pink bill and its legs are pink. Its plumage is brownish gray, with darker wings, head and neck, and lighter chest and belly, with variable black spots, its lower tail being whitish. They have a collar which is slightly longitudinally striped. The feathers on its back and flanks have a whitish edge.

2. American Buff Goose

The American goose is the most common of this species. This breed is named after its one-color variety, an apricot or fawn hue. Their bill, legs, and feet are reddish-orange and their nails look more pinkish.

3. American Tufted Buff Goose

The plumage of the American Tufted Buff Goose is a soft fawn with a rich golden hue with no reddish tinge or fading to pale yellow. They have darker back chest and sides and almost white on the abdomen. The tail feathers are beige and white. They have pinkish-red feet, neck and beak. The neck is medium length and the chest is wide and deep. The tuft consists of feathers only, not a knot like in the geese from China and Africa. The feathers behind the eyes raise, forming that pretty tuft.

4. Chinese Goose

There are two color varieties of Chinese geese, brown and white. The original type is a deep reddish-brown color, accentuated by a dark reddish-brown neck stripe. The glossy black bill and knot are separated from the main head plumage by a narrow band of creamy white feathers. The legs are brownish-orange or dark orange, and the eyes are brown. The white variety has blue eyes, pure white plumage, and bright orange legs, knots, and beaks. The white European breeds’ chicks are mainly gray with yellow trim.

5. Embden Goose

The Embden Goose is the tallest of all geese, reaching over 3.3 feet or one meter in height. In addition, they are usually shorter in the UK and stockier than those found on the continent. A female Goose weighs around 20 pounds and ganders around 26 pounds. The head is oval-shaped. They have long, graceful necks and short tails, and the eyes are clear blue. Adults have a pure white plumage. Birds under a year of age may have some grey feathers, typically on the back or rump. The short bill is bright orange white, a flesh-colored bean on the tip. The fairly short legs and feet are orange.

6. Pilgrim Goose

Pilgrim Geese are relatively quiet, lightweight geese that are one of only two autosexing breeds of geese in the UK. The eyes of mature birds are blue in the male and brown in the female. Adult Ganders are almost pure white with a little grey feathering on their wings, backs, and tail feathers. The geese are a light grey color. Their heads are trim, crowns are often slightly flattened and the necks are average in length and thickness. Their bodies are full and plump, with a smooth breast.

7. Roman Tufted Goose

The Roman Tufted Goose is a lighter boned variety that weighs between 10 and 12 pounds. Its plumage is usually white, and it has a small tuft on top of its head. Its eyes are blue, the legs are reddish-orange, and the bill is pinkish with a white bean. Tufts or crests often appear in Roman Geese. Both males and females look alike though males may be slightly larger. Sometimes DNA sexing is necessary to identify the gender.


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