Top 11 Cutest Red Nose Pit Bulls

Loved for their loyalty and sweetness, Red Nose Pit Bull is a popular American Terrier variety that has a red colored nose. This kind of pup makes a great pet if raised right and fun to play with. Here’s a list of the Top 11 Cutest Red Nose Pit Bulls that will excite you to have your own.

1. Millie

Millie is an American red nose Pit Bull found by her family and is now being raised and filled with love. @millie.lostandfound on Instagram is her public page in which they posted a picture of this sweet, six months old Pit Bull looking straight to the camera, so adorable!


This red nose pitty that we found on Instagram is named Hunter. @hunter.the.pibble has over one thousand followers, and most of her posts show us how much she loves to be cuddled and spoiled. 

3. Carmelo

Another Instagram account that we found fascinating is @officialcarmelo; with that name, we can imagine how peculiar this puppy must be. This one is also a starting page, but the potential to become one of the most loved ones is huge. Just look at how adorable the pictures are.

4. Cali

@hikingblind is the username of this particular red nose Pit Bull on TikTok that melted our hearts right after discovering her. Her name is Cali, and she happens to be blind, but as the profile description says, she can see with her heart. Her account has over thirteen thousand followers and lots of videos showing how happy and joyful this pitty’s life is.

5. Xena, Mystic and Kong

These two sisters and a son @two_sistas_plus_kong live together in a very cozy home. We can see that this is a big family that loves traveling and going on adventures together. Amazing!

6. Jersey

Jersey is a six months old red nose PitBull puppy. “james92y” posted a video showing the growth of this adorable creature through time. So lovely!

7. Kahlua

She is a little red nose puppy that just started her Instagram page, and we can’t wait to see what this pretty little girl will turn out when she grows up.

8. Kakallil

@kakallil is a very well known Pit Bull on Tik Tok. Her name is Mika, she has almost 353 thousand followers, and most of her videos are about her daily routine and funny moments. One of her most-watched videos has over three million views. We can say this dog is famous.

9. George

This cute and energetic little boy’s name is George, and he is the dog of Elite outdoorsman, the guy who dedicated this video to tell us about this eleven months old cutie.

10. Bully Baloo

Baloo, @bully.baloo on Instagram, is a very well known red nose Pit Bull on social media. He has over one hundred and forty thousand followers and tons of pictures showing off this pretty little “bunny eared bully,” as his profile says.

11. Ares

This beautiful pit bull is the last of our list; his name is Ares, and he’s from Turkey. His account @rednosepitbul on Tik Tok has almost seven thousand followers; they love seeing this dog have fun.


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