Disney Characters In The “Star Wars” Universe

Star Wars fans can’t hide their excitement when news came out that the franchise is now owned by Disney. To celebrate this remarkable event, they thought of mixing both universes into out-of-this-world costumes and fan arts. Here are the best cosplays of the Disney Characters In The Star Wars Universe.

20. Hendoart

Probably the most apparent character anyone can choose to make a Disney-Star wars crossover. The space ranger already has armor and enough knowledge on how things work out of the planet. Maybe that’s why the fantastic cosplayer Hendoart chose Buzz to make her Toy Story Wars idea come to life. The painted details on her Stormtrooper armor left us speechless, as they look so legit you’d think there’s an actual crossover of the two stories. 

19. Thedogeman

Buzz and Woody can’t live without the other, not even in the Star Wars universe! As much as we loved Buzz’s Stormtrooper version, Woody Fett also surprised us a lot. It’s clear to us that cosplayer Thedogeman loves both stories, and he also had a great time doing this cosplay along with his friend. 

18. Traci Hines

Inspired by Disney’s “The Mandalorian,” here we have a new version of Ariel if she had to join the universe of Star Wars. She‘s, of course, heavily inspired on the character of Boba Fett, but you can also spot the many Ariel inspired details that bring this costume to life. We loved the combination of fishnets, shiny fabrics, and the clusters of fish scales here and there that made the outfit have a lot of personality. 

17. Ashlynne Dae

It’s not a coincidence that you’ll be seeing a lot of Mandalorian inspired outfits on this video. It’s all part of a beautiful project created by a group of unbelievably talented cosplayers that met up and worked on the concept. The amazing cosplayer Ashlynne Dae portrayed Mandalorian Elsa, showing us a whole new talent and creativity level. The Ice Queen looks like she’s ready to frost all her enemies, no matter what galaxy they’re from. 

16. Dan Young And Elizabeth Rage

If you’re looking for a fun and show-stopping couple cosplay, you can get inspired by this Chewbacca Beast and Jedi Belle made by cosplayers Dan Young and Elizabeth Rage. They look incredible! We loved to see how they stayed true to their character’s color palette and made every detail similar to the original outfits! Also, the lightsaber resembling Lumiere was a genius touch! 

15. Rian Synnth

Mulan is already a strong and mighty warrior, so we are sure she will be just fine while fighting in the Star Wars universe. The amazing cosplayer Rian Synnth did her version of a Mandalorian Mulan, and it was incredible! Her armor is a perfect combination between Mulan’s original movie and the special touch that makes you understand that we’re talking about a Star Wars version of the princess. She’d probably be the best warrior in the galaxy.

14. York In A Box

Do you think of Tinkerbell as a cute, innocent, and tiny fairy? Well, think twice because Mandalorian Tinkerbell is here to fight some battles! This Tinkerbell Fett cosplay was part of a project created by the photographer York In a Box. He captured the personality and the overall look of the classic Disney characters but gave them the Star Wars twist that makes them look unique. This is what we call talent. Look closely for details, and you’ll find a lot of hints for Tinkerbell’s classic outfit, like her fairy wing and the pom-pom boots. 

13. Maid Of Might Cosplay

This is how Rapunzel would look if she were a Mandalorian, and let us tell you that this is probably the cutest armor we have ever seen! Just look at how many details and colors it has; it definitely captured Rapunzel’s style while keeping the concept of the project. This was a perfect work made by Maid of Might cosplay.

12. Panda Catt

Panda Catt cosplay made her version of a Mandalorian Aurora, and it was beautiful! Look at the bright colors and how much she resembles the princess! The fact that this armor is so similar to the red outfit Prince Phillip wears is a great hint that only true Disney lovers can see, can you?

The armor also looks like Aurora’s fairies made it; we definitely see a “make it blue or make it pink” situation going on, and we’re obsessed with how gorgeous it looks.

11. Hendo Art

Sometimes we forget how awesome Pocahontas is as a character, and this cosplay reminded us of that. The amazing cosplay you see on screen is all done by the wonderful cosplayer Hendo Art who has now become a recurrent face on our channel thanks to her incredible talent at cosplaying Disney characters. The colors in Pocahontas’s armor are a perfect portrayal of her color palette, and you can still see some detail on her arms that hint at the original movie. 

10. Amber Arden

Different artists have made two completely different versions of the classic princess in the star wars universe. Let’s see her on the two sides of the force: Cosplayer Amber Arden did a marvelous job when turning Snow White into a Jedi Princess. She preserved her classic gown dress style, but she knew how to twist it to make it fit into the star wars fashion, we loved how comfy and simple it looks, but it passes as a part of the movies! 

9. LifeOfShei

We have already mentioned Elsa, but Anna is also a huge fan favorite so that she couldn’t be out of this list. The incredible cosplayer LifeOfShel was also part of the Mandalorian Princess project, and she did such a fantastic version of Anna! The colorful armor truly reminds us of Anna’s iconic dress, look at the detailed work of painting the same patter from the dress, and she even added the pom-poms! This is one of the prettiest armors we’ve seen so far!

8. Elizabeth Rage

Cosplayer Elizabeth Rage had the awesome idea of making Belle a Jedi princess, and it was awesome! Certain details like the hairstyle and the Lumiere inspired lightsaber make you understand immediately that this is princess Belle but in a whole new universe. She looks like she’s ready for some intergalactic adventures. 

7. Spideyluc

Another Disney character that will surely enjoy a lot of intergalactic adventures is, for sure, Peter Pan. Cosplayer Spideyluc can proudly say that he entirely made his costume from scratch, which we think is awesome! He certainly looks like he has fought some battles and is ready for some more. 

6. PushFighter

Ariel is so popular among Disney fans that we expected to see her a lot in these recreations. What we didn’t expect was to see such amazing art pieces like this one from DeviantArt artist PushFighter where you see the little mermaid as a Jedi. With a more futuristic-looking tail and two lightsabers, you surely won’t want to mess with her!

5. PushFighter

Elsa is already such a powerful character, but imagine her being a Sith and having a lightsaber? Oh god, that would mean problems to anyone who would mess up with her! In this illustration made by the incredible artist PushFighter, he took inspiration from Elsa’s outfit but turned everything into much darker colors. 

Also, comment down below which version of Star Wars Elsa you prefer the most; the dark or the light side of the force?

4. Phill-Art

Jasmine has always been such a strong princess, but portraying her as a Jedi warrior makes her look invincible. This wonderful piece of art is made by the artist Phill-Art, and he took the concept of Jasmine to a whole new level. Making Raj look like a creature from outer space was a great detail, but using the sand and the desert-like background was the perfect addition to this fantastic portrayal.

3. Isaiah Stephen

Just like Buzz Lightyear, another character that will do very well in a galaxy far far away is Stitch! We loved seeing this beautiful piece of art by the talented artist Isaiah Stephen, making Stitch look like Yoda was a total hit! They even share the same story of bonding with a human; in the case of Stitch, he learns a bit more from Lilo, but you get the idea, and Lilo being the brave and curious girl that she is, will make a mighty Jedi warrior.

2. Isaiah Stephen

Star Wars also has a princess, and she’s definitely a fan favorite. Maybe that’s why the artist Isaiah Stephen chose her to be the costume Wendy Darling would wear if the Disney characters had to attend to a Halloween party. She looks adorable with the classic Leia hairstyle, but don’t underestimate her; she also knows how to fight!

1. Ozero01

As we mentioned before, fans became crazy when Disney made the official purchase of the Star Wars franchise. The internet was immediately full of fans celebrating and making amazing Star Wars-inspired art. One of the first was a Mickey Mouse crossover, like the one Ozero01 made with Mickey being a Jedi warrior.




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