Top 15 Cutest Pitbull Mixes You’ll Ever See!

Pitbulls are known for their strength, loyalty, and courage. They are also known for their popularity, especially when mixed with another breed to create an even better breed! With that, here’s a list of the cutest Pitbull mixes you’ll ever see.

1. Pit Bull Lab

The mix between a Labrador and Pit Bull is named a Pitador. And this is how they look. Short legs and short ears, like Pit Bulls; but with the facial characteristics of Labradors.

2. Sharpull

Shar Peis and Pit Bulls are a funny mixture. Their cross combines the Pit Bull’s good health with the Shar Pei’s stubbornness and looks. Small, short legs, short ears, and lots of extra skin.

3. Dox Bull

Dox Bulls are the mix between a Dachshund and a Pit Bull, this particular mixture makes them look so cute and small. They have that protective instinct of Pit Bulls and the cleverness of Dachshunds.

4. Pisset

The Pisset is the cross of a Basset Hound with a Pit Bull, this is the cutest mix. The look like a Pit Bull in miniature.

5. Porgi

Yes, a Pit Bull and a Corgi mixed together makes up this lovely breed. They are funny, active, protective and so smart that you will wish you had one.

6. Bull Pistiff

Bull mastiffs are known for their size and how intimidating they could appear to be, but mixing this with the loving personality of a Pit Bull you get a big baby dog that you will find yourself constantly hugging.

7. Pusky Bull

If you are a Husky lover but you don’t live in a place where the weather is favorable for this kind of dog, a Pusky Bull is a perfect match for you. These dogs can have the beautiful blue eyes most Huskies do but with Pit Bulls’ short hair.

8. Perman Bepherd

Perman Bepherd is the cross of a German Shepherd and a Pit Bull. These dogs are so gorgeous and make really good company for children, and they are so easy to train.

9. Pugit

It sounds kind of impossible but it’s not. The Pugit is the cross of a Pit Bull with a Pug. Yes, a pug. They turn out to be these funny-looking dogs but so adorable at the same time.

10. Golden Bull

This mix is one of our favorites. A Golden Retriever and a Pit Bull cross make up this gorgeous looking, loving, and extroverted creature. They make the perfect match for a family with a lot of children.

11. St Bullnard

The cross of a St Bernard and a Pit Bull. Big paws, small heads, medium fluffy hair, and a very caring personality. This kind of dog must give the best cuddles in the world.

12. Phibuabua

Another impossible mix. This one has the head like a Pit Bull but in the body of a chihuahua. What a funny look.

13. Bugle

If a Beagle and a Pit Bull had a baby, this is how it would look. Long ears, medium body, and sad face but with the strength and liveliness of a Pit Bull.

14. Poston Berrier

The name obviously gives us a hint, the mix between a Boston Terrier and a Pit Bull. Pointy ears, and short paws, very smart, and clingy. This is one of the cutest dogs you’ll see.

15. Bull Chow

A Chow Chow and a Pit Bull cross is a mix that shouldn’t be, but it is. The good thing is that they’re as fluffy looking as a Chow Chow and as smart and protective as a Pit Bull.


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