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Top 10 Cutest Pregnant Pit Bulls In The World

Pit bulls are known to be very aggressive and dangerous, but in this article, we’re going to show you the other side of them. So without further ado, here are the top cutest pregnant Pit bulls in the world.

1. Mamma Pickles

This beautiful pregnant pit bull was found wandering the streets after her owners left her. Pits & Giggles Rescue found her and decided to take care of her and the puppies. Her name is Mamma Pickles; she couldn’t even walk properly because of how huge her belly was. Lauren Casteen Sykes, a photographer, and volunteer thought it was good to make her a photoshoot before and after the babies were born. This is how the photos turned out. Stunning! This dog’s modeling skills are on another level!

2. 12 Puppies On The Way

Mariesa and Chris, a couple obsessed with dogs, had never seen anything like they saw when they visited the animal shelter that fateful day. The couple learned that this dog, named Storie, had belonged to a backyard breeder. She’d been brought into the shelter and surrendered once the breeder realized there was no way they could afford to look after the dog and the puppies that were on their way. Her belly was swollen with 12 puppies, but she looked up at Mariesa’s face and practically begged to be taken home. The couple decided to foster this dog and her 12 puppies and give them the comfort and love they needed.

3. Pregnant And Abandoned

Hope For Paws got a call to save a dog abandoned on the streets after her old owners moved away. She’s pregnant, hungry, and needed to get help urgently. She hid under a house, but the rescuers went right after her. She was put in a cage and taken to the shelter where she would be more comfortable and safe to give birth. How beautiful!

4. Dog Giving Birth

This beautiful brown pit bull gave birth, and this guy helped her. The guy seemed very well prepared for the situation, so he decided to make a video of the process and provide some tips that could help other pit bull owners be more prepared if they find themselves having to help their dogs give birth too. Throughout the video, we can see the whole process a dog takes to give birth, and it is simply magical to be able to witness nature’s most wonderful gift.

5. Stella’s Pregnancy

Life Of LY is the YouTube channel of Stella‘s owner. She made a video of her dog’s pregnancy to help find homes for the new puppies. With the video, she presents an update on how Stella’s pregnancy is going. She looks healthy and ready to be a mom. In another video, we can see the whole process of her labor and delivery and how great it all went. Congrats Stella!

6. Pregnant Blue Fawn Pitbull

Moreno Valley, a YouTube vlogger, decided to share with his subscribers the journey of his pitbull’s first pregnancy. This beautiful blue fawn pitbull named Honey got pregnant from an American pitbull. He described how Honey’s behavior has changed with the pregnancy so far during the first four weeks, and what he does to take care of her. In another video, week 8, he shows us how the pregnancy has progressed; she looked way bigger and ready to pop. In the end, he posted one last video showing the eight little puppies this mamma gave birth to. The cutest!

7. Fostering A Pregnant Pitbull

In a video posted by The Dodo, a pitbull named Emma was taken from its shelter to be fostered by Renee and Courtney. Emma felt comfortable in this new home very quickly; they were impressed at how easily she got along with everyone. They set out an area for the dog to give birth in which she would feel comfortable and safe. She gave birth to 10 beautiful and healthy puppies.

8. Pregnant XL Pitbull

Ultra Class Family’s YouTube channel posted a video of the pregnancy of this brown and lovely pitbull named Snow. In the video, we can see how big this girl was before giving birth. She didn’t want to move that much because of how heavy that belly must be. At the end of the video, we can see how cute and healthy the puppies turned out.

9. Scared And Pregnant

In another video by The Dodo, we can see this cute little pitbull named April. April was found alone on the streets, but she wasn’t alone. She had babies on board. April was very scared of people, but by giving her cuddles, she started feeling safe until it was comfortable enough for her to give birth. She turned out to be an amazingly loving mom.

10. Pregnant Foster Pittie

This white and red pitbull’s belly is so big that she can’t even move properly. Ginger‘s story is the most heartwarming; she was on the kill list of her shelter until someone decided to take her to foster. That same day it was time for Ginger to give birth, so they kept an eye on her. They went out for groceries, and after coming back, they realized she was already in labor. They thought it would be only five puppies, but after two hours, she was in labor again. In the end, they turned out to be eight big and healthy puppies who had found their homes, but the woman decided to keep Ginger even though she promised her husband she would find a home for her too. We love a happy ending!


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