Top 9 Cutest Baby Foxes In The World

Have you ever considered having a fox as a pet? Well, these people have, and they made it true. So without further ado, here’s a list of the top cutest baby foxes in the world.

1. Juniper

This particular fox has been the inspiration for Jessica, its owner, to write a book about their lives together. With over 2 million followers on Instagram, people catalog Juniper as the “internet’s cutest pet.” She vibrantly captures Juniper’s adorable snaggletooth smile and fun-loving personality in this heartwarming book.

The book comes with gorgeous pictures and a charming narrative about Juniper’s life, and a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to live with a fox.

2. Winchester

Inge Herzog is the owner of Winchester, her white fox. She says she wanted a pet fox when she read a National Geographic article about a fox domestication project in Russia.

“We have a special bond,” she said in an interview with “He loves our long beach walks, exploring the forest’s ins and outs and playing with the dogs, digging holes, and even catching mice; he comes across.”

It may seem amazing on the outside, but people need to be clear about the downside of having a pet fox. They are very smelly, and can’t be fully litter trained; they constantly need to mark territory. They can also be messy and destroy some of the stuff you have at home if you are not careful with what you leave.

Because they are wild animals, they have a particular way of feeding and may need some stimulation, like hiding their food for them to find.

Inge posts beautiful pictures of her little friend on her Instagram, @beach_fox. Going out for walks, going to the beach, and road-tripping are some of their favorite activities. How cool is that?

3. Tigli

Tigli is an arctic fox taken into the care of by Animal Wonders. Although he’s not a pet, we thought it might be worth adding him to the list.

He can get along very well with humans and communicate when he feels comfortable or not. Jessi, the host of Animal Wonders Youtube channel, says that this fox is incredibly handsome, but he can be very challenging. He is very picky with humans and gets scared pretty easily because, as Jessi says several times, he is not a pet.

Some interesting facts about arctic foxes are that they are born with grey fur, and while they grow up, it turns white and thicker for them to be prepared for the low temperatures and go hunting in the cold. They can resist incredibly low temperatures, and only start feeling cold after minus 70 degrees.

4. Lucy

One of the favorite fox species that people love is the fennec fox. They are very small and easy to domesticate because they don’t seem much of a thread. Lucy The Fennec Fox on YouTube is one of the internet’s favorites. She’s very energetic and gets along pretty well with her family’s kids.

The YouTube channel counts on 60 thousand subscribers, and it’s full of videos that capture this little creature’s behavior and funny moments.

5. Woody & Feki

Woody and Feki were saved from a fur farm, as their Instagram bio says. @woody_the_fox is where their owner posts pictures of these cute creatures living a happy and loving life, going around on walks, and appreciating nature’s beauty.

We can tell that it is more than necessary to live near the woods for these foxes to feel at home.

6. Khala

Khala was another white fox that had domesticated life. Unfortunately, she passed away on December 7th, 2018. She has almost 20 thousand followers on her Instagram page, and to tell by the photos, the bond between these two was undeniably unbreakable.

She seemed very friendly and comfortable living this domestic life with her mom. We are very sorry for her loss.

Check out her Instagram, @khala_the_fox, to see more posts about how wonderful their life together was. Her mom may be so happy to have been a part of Khala’s best years.

7. Marley

Marley is another rescued cub that was adopted by a wildlife lover. This little fox is more than spoiled and treated like a princess. She models for her Instagram pictures, @marley_cub_fox. Incredibly cute!

8. Alisa

Another spoiled little cub that we loved finding is the beautiful Alisa from Ukraine. She seems to like domestic life a lot. Her Instagram photos, @alisafoxiis, show how comfortable she is as part of a human family.

9. Vook

Last for this list is @vookfox, a little red fox from Serbia living in the snow most of the time and enjoying its life with its owner’s love and attention, Lisenok Vuk. We love seeing animals and humans bonding.


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