Top 8 Most Expensive Things Jeffree Star Has Bought

The world of makeup and cosmetics is full of glam, eccentricity, and money. He is one of YouTube’s most prominent content creators, who also happens to be an insanely talented businessman. We did quick research and found out some of the most expensive things Jeffree Star has bought.

With a fan base of 18 Million subscribers on YouTube, 15 million followers on Instagram, and a multimillion cosmetics company, Jeffree has made himself an empire of luxury, money, and fame. He’s a fashion lover, and he knows how to spend his money. Let’s see the craziest, most expensive things he has ever bought.


After a massive break-in and robbery he had on his company’s warehouses, where he lost more than 2 million dollars in products, Jeffree has taken his security issues very seriously. In one of the many videos and clips he has shared about his life and home, he said that he has at least three armed and trained bodyguards taking care of him and his belongings 24/7. He even has one security guard taking care of his CLOSET! 

Although the prices may vary according to the location, a trained security team would commonly charge at least 100$ per hour, and that’s just one person. For three people, all day long, Jeffree might be spending up to 2.6 million only on his security during a whole year!


Jeffree has a love for the color pink, and he showed that in his previous home, which he referred to as “The pink mansion.” Calabasas’s fantastic property was Jeffree’s version of a pink castle, nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a four-car space garage, and amazing panoramic views of the mountains and hills. 

The YouTube star paid $3.6 million when he first got it, but we are sure much more money went into it to style it and make it unique.


Recently, Jeffre decided to move to a much bigger and lavish home. The impressive 19,549 square foot property was valued at $14.5 million, which was paid ultimately. You’ll definitely include this on the list of the most expensive things Jeffree Star has bought.

The main reason why Jeffree decided to move was that he was running out of space for his clothes! It’s real, no joke! The star pointed out that his house was so messy and cluttered that it was giving him anxiety. 

Luckily, he found the home of his dreams or what he calls “His Caesar palace.” The luxurious home features a gym, a massive pool, underground parking space, a wine cellar, a home cinema, a spa, and even an elevator! A castle for the makeup celebrity.


As we said before, Jeffree is a man who loves fashion and glam in all of its forms, and he showed that with a 25-minute long video showing his impressive collection of clothes, sunglasses, handbags, and shoes. Let’s talk about that:

The Pink Vault” was a complete room in Jeffree’s old house, which he transformed into his dream closet. As we mentioned earlier, Jeffree’s most valuable possessions were there. He kept them very secure. Not only did he have a security guard on it, but he also ordered a custom-made security vault for his fashion collection.

The Vault: The room had a custom-made pink security door open only by its fingerprint and retinal scanner. The door had 10.000 pounds of bulletproof stainless steel and had probably cost more than $12.000 to make. 

Now let’s talk about what’s in there:

Balmain dresses collection: Jeffree showed an entire closet section full of exclusive Balmain dresses. Just so we can do some basic math, a Balmain dress price can start anywhere near $2.000 up to 8.000 and more. Then, Jeffree showed at least 15 of them!

Hermes Birkin Bag Wall: We mentioned the Hermes Birkin Bag back in our Kylie Jenner video, and Jeffree Star seems to have the same taste as the younger of the Jenners. The incredible collection features at least 30 of these costly handbags in all shades of pink, in different fabrics, sizes, and even the iconic Himalayan croc skin purse, known as the most expensive purse in the world.

His shoe collection: Divided into “masculine” and “feminine” style shoes, Jeffrey showed an impressive amount of sneakers, boots, and even high heels, all from the best and most expensive brands out there. From Balenciaga, Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Louboutin, he has two walls from roof to ceiling full of the most fantastic footwear you’ll ever see. 

Louis Vuitton Collection: Jeffree declared himself a die-hard fan of the LV brand, and he indeed has an impressive collection. From the first purse he’s ever bought to even exclusive and collecting items produced in minimal numbers. This collection itself is worth a whole lot of money, but as it is so rare and full of limited editions, it will increase its value up to four or even ten times more in the future. “It’s like investing in real estate,” said the star.

Some of the many LV items he has are the Louis Vuitton prism bag, which costs $3.850, and LV and Supreme luggage bag that costs more than $3.600 and even a rare LV bag that only was produced twice; one for him and one for none other than Kris Jenner.

But Jeffree also showed his love for brands like Gucci, which he owns bags, shoes, furry coats, and more. He showcased his sunglasses collection and jewelry, including a custom-made lipstick case with more than 100 pure diamonds. The total price for such a fantastic fashion collection? Jeffree says that’s more than SEVEN million!


Not everything in Jeffree’s life has to be with makeup and glam; he also likes to have fun! That’s why he has purchased more than 100 pinballs and other game machines for his in-home arcade. 

The fantastic collection features some crazy expensive models that go from an Adams Family game worth $9.999, a Jurassic Park worth almost $7.000, and a Baywatch worth more than $5.000. If our math is correct and Jeffree owns 100 of these machines, his whole arcade would have cost him more than $800k!


When it comes to giving gifts to his loved ones, there’s no problem with overpassing the budget. Jeffree has shown that he cares a lot for his friends and family, and he’s got the money to shower them with the most over-the-top gifts.

Gucci collection to Shane Dawson: His friend, YouTube series co-star, and even makeup partner Shane Dawson received a whole collection of Gucci items from Jeffrey back in January of 2019. He filmed everything for a video in which he surprised his friend with the “Year of the pig” collection by the Italian brand. The whole gift cost $15.000! Anything for his best friend!

Ex-Boyfriend’s dream car:  Sadly, he and Nate Schwandt broke up just a couple of weeks after moving to their new home; however, in the 5-year relationship, Jeffree had a lot of times where he went all in for his love and was surprised with the most lavish gift you can imagine. One of them being a surprise with his dream car.

Jeffree made Nate believe that he had sold his current car and recorded everything on video. While Nate was confused, Jeffree showed him that he had bought a fantastic Aston Martin Vintage worth more than $150.000! 


Like any other celebrity, Jeffree Star also has an immense love for cars and not only any cars, he loves SUVs, sports, fancy cars, and he even customizes all of them to match his pink aesthetic. Let’s review his impressive car collection:

Tesla Model X: Almost every famous YouTuber now has one of the popular Tesla models, and Jeffree cannot be the exception. The impressive electric car price is $81.000, but he certainly paid at least $3.600 more to make it pink and glamorous. He has shown how enormous his love for cars and the autopilot feature it has, which allows him to do his makeup while the vehicle is still running. However, we do not recommend doing this; it’s safety first for the kids!

Rolls Royce Wraith: He never forgets where he came from and what his dreams were. Jeffree revealed that the fantastic Rolls Royce model was his dream car as a kid, so he bought it as soon as possible. The original model had a black color and a price of more than $300.00! But that color didn’t match Jeffree’s glamorous world, so he customized it to a “Barbie” pink. That’s the most stylish Barbie car we have ever seen.

Lamborghini Huracan: “I never thought I would be able to own a Lambo” were the first words Jeffree shared with his fans when he showed them his brand new addition to his car family. The car, which was customized to a pink color, costs more than $260.000!

Lamborghini Hurus: he already had a Lambo, but having two is always better! The fantastic sports car model was customized from his original yellow color to a fabulous Barbie pink. The company, West Coast Customs, was responsible for the color change, and they charged Jeffree with a lot of money to make his pink dreams come true. 

McLaren 570S: How many pink cars can one person have? Well, it seems like the limit does not exist when it comes to being Jeffree Star. The fabulous Mclaren was challenging to customize since the company had to change all the colors from the interior and the exterior to match Jeffree’s specific shade decision. In our opinion, it was worth $195.000!

BMW Z4 and BMW i8: The Barbie fleet wouldn’t be complete without a few BMWs. The car brand has always been a favorite of celebrities and car lovers, and Jeffree got his hands on two of their most iconic models, and of course, made them pink! Both cars cost more than $300.000 plus their customization prices. Jeffree does know how to ride in style.


While some celebrities forget about the world’s problems or just stay away from social issues, Jeffree Star has proven to have his feet on the ground, and it’s willing to help anyone in need. 

Despite all of his splurges, he has also shared his regular donations to charity funds like the LGBT center of Los Angeles, which he helped with the impressive amount of $125.000.

He has recently mentioned his willingness to help some of his fans and supporters who lost their jobs during the pandemic. He regularly posts tweets about his intentions for charitable works.

He would be donating money to anyone who needed to pay their bills, made several cash app transactions to some of his followers, and even given $30,000 to a fan and mother of two who was also struggling to keep up her bills. He always says that he’s willing to help people in need because he has been in that situation. 


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