Top 5 Most Heartwarming Puppy Rescue Stories

A puppy alone is enough to make us awe, but add a survivor story to it? That just makes our hearts melt. And with that, here is a list of the most heartwarming puppy rescue stories.

1. Left In A Landfill

In a video posted on Rescue Animals YouTube channel, this little white puppy was rescued from a landfill covered in snow. He was starving and looked harmed. Two locals put him in a box and took him home to take care of. They fed him, cleaned him, and gave him a nice and warm place to sleep. How nice!

2. Hidden In A Pipe

A Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia, got a call to rescue a dog in a drain pipe. In the video posted by their YouTube channel, they show their journey finding it. The dog didn’t seem afraid of people because they were told that it gets out every time someone passes by. They got closer to the pipe and realized that there were three little puppies inside. It turned out this dog was a she and was seeking help for her babies. The puppies were too afraid, so they had a hard time trying to get them out. When they were able to get them out, took them to their shelter, and took care of them, they will be up for adoption as soon as they grow up.

3. Homeless Labrador Mom

Hope For Paws, another rescue shelter got a call to check on three abandoned dogs. They knew one of them was pregnant, but they found out that she wasn’t pregnant anymore when they got to the location. They distracted the other two big dogs while the guy with the camera went to look for the puppies. It was hard to do because it looked like the mom was hiding her babies under a lot of tangled branches, but it turned out she was tricking them, diverting them to a false location. Finally, they could get the puppies and take them to the shelter to help find them a new home.

4. Orphan Puppies

Rescue Animals posted a YouTube video of two street puppies that lost their mom and were starving and abandoned inside an old building’s ruins. They fed the puppies and gave them water. When they felt comfortable enough, they put them in a kennel to take them to a safe space.

5. Born Under A Shipping Container

In another video from Hope For Paws, they showed us how they rescued a whole family that lived under a shipping container. The puppies and their mom were very scared, so it was really hard to get them out. After getting them out and safe, the mom came along. The puppies had a severe flea infection. They gave them baths and are now being treated for the infection.


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