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Top 10 Cutest Chicken Breeds To Have As Pets

Many people overlook the fact that chickens can be great companions to have on the homestead. With that, here’s a list of the cutest chicken breeds to have as pets.

1. Silkie Chickens

Silkies are one of the best chicken breeds to keep as pets. They are also one of the cutest chicken breeds. Their soft feathers feel almost like hair, and their fluffiness makes them look more like a Muppet than a chicken, which really makes them appealing to children.

2. Sebright Chicken

This bright was originally created to an “ornamental chicken” and hence they’re not a good choice if you’re looking for a frequent egg layer. However, they’re beautiful birds and make excellent pets, despite their reputation of being loud and chatty. They also are a breed where the males and females have the same feather patterns and colors.

3. Brahma Chicken

Standard Brahmas are one of the largest chicken breeds, and even bantam Brahmas are larger than many other bantam breeds. Their profuse feathering makes them exceptionally cuddly. They have small pea combs and feathered legs and toes. Described as calm and docile by the Livestock Conservancy, they are known for being cuddly with humans.

4. Cochin Chicken

According to Meyer Hatchery, Cochins are one of the fluffiest friendly chicken breeds, and their thick layers of feathers and down make them appear larger than they really are. These single-comb chickens also have feathers on their feet, so clean and check them every week to make sure they don’t develop sores or exceptionally scaly skin that might indicate a mite infestation.

Maria, on Instagram as @mdmcq, posted a picture of her cochin chickens calling them “mean girls in chicken form” because of how clicky they are.

5. Speckled Sussex Chickens

The Speckled Sussex is a fairly large and beautiful chicken. They are one of the friendliest chicken breeds due to their nice personalities and make good pets. Just be sure to check the nest box and coop each day and remove any eggs right away.

The designer and blogger, Joanna Hawley, posted an article in her blog about her new Speckled Sussex chicken pets titled “Meet Our New Chicks”, and an IGTV where she looks very happy about getting these new friend friends.

6. Easter Egger Chickens

According to Cackle Hatchery, Easter eggers are not a true breed. They are incredibly popular hybrids of Araucana and Ameraucana chicken heritage that are particularly prized for the unusual colors of their eggs. These chickens have pea combs, feather “beards,” and feather-free feet. They’re great egg producers, and they don’t appear to mind being confined so they’re very easy to care for.

A family farm from Murfreesboro Tennessee, on Instagram as @sugarbushfarmstn, is dedicated to take care of different kinds of animals, among them Easter Egger chickens. It warms our hearts seeing humans and animals connecting so well.

7. Orpington Chickens

According to the Livestock Conservancy, Orpingtons were created by breeding Minorca roosters to Black Plymouth Rock hens, and then breeding their offspring to Langshan chickens. Orpingtons are good-sized chickens with single combs and clean feet.

Another Instagram user who calls herself an “Orpington lover”, uses her Instagram account, @orpington_chicken_lady, to express her love for this fascinating creature. “Here is Lily the Orpington. When she was young she looked quite lemon in color but as she has aged she is more buff…” says in one of her posts where we can see it enjoying her time being spoiled.

8. Polish Chickens

Polish chickens will definitely stand out in your yard with their unusual feathered “cap” that fans out over both eyes and their heads. It’s this unique feather arrangement that led to their alternate name of “Top Hats.” These chickens are great for beginners because of their gentle nature.

We can see that they are one of the favorites chicken lover, @ilovechookens on instagram, because of how customizable their looks can be. We are in love with her feed!

9. Faverolle Chickens

Meyer Hatchery says that the Faverolle is a gorgeous, single-combed, French breed with extremely full feathering, as well as a beard, ear tufts, and feathers on the legs and feet. Holding one feels like holding a warm pillow. Faverolles are also one of a few breeds that actually have five toes on each foot.

Another farm from North Carolina, @oodles.of.coodles on Instagram has a post about this breed where they talk about how excited they are to be hatching new eggs from their little Faverolles.

10. Wyandotte Chickens

According to My Pet Chicken, Wyandottes are heavy-bodied chickens with small rose combs that resist frostbite in the winter. These chickens also have nice, fully bodies of feathers that come in amazing colors and patterns that are really breathtaking, especially in a mixed flock where they truly standout. Think of them as showgirls of the chicken world.

Tawnie The Mermaid on TikTok posted a video of her Wyandotte chicken enjoying herself in her house’s pool with the caption “Having free range chickens in California with a pool is interesting”. It’s funny how comfortable it looks.


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