Top 8 Most Expensive Things Elon Musk Has Bought

Even if you’re not into the technology world, you’ve probably heard about Elon Musk at least once. He’s one of the most influential people globally and one of the richest, with a net value of $48.6 billion. Being a billionaire, you’d expect some expensive purchases. Let’s see some of the most expensive things Elon Musk has bought.


This list won’t be full of designer items, but it surely will be full of cars, a typical taste among billionaires. Being the mastermind behind some of the most incredible electric vehicles out there, Elon has shown his fascination with the motor world and incredible car expenses. Some of the cars he has bought for his collection are:

The James Bond Lotus Esprit: He fell in love with this car when he saw it in the movie entitled “The spy who loved me” and didn’t hesitate to spend $920.000 when the vehicle was put into auction. 

The amazing amphibious car from the movie could transform into a submarine and was the detail that caught Elon’s attention back when he was a kid. Sadly, that was just the magic of Hollywood, and the car can’t transform in real life, although Elon said he would be working on some Tesla technology to make his submarine dreams come to life. The design of the fantastic car also became the inspiration for Tesla’s Cybertruck.

1967 E-Type Jaguar: Elon is a man who likes to make his promises come true. At the young age of 17, he promised himself that he would buy the classic convertible once he had the money. When he got the initial bonus check for Zip2, he made his dream come true and purchased it. 

McLaren F1 Hypercar: This one was a fantasy for car collectors and was considered the Holy Grail of sports cars. A young Elon Musk was one of the lucky people who got his hands on one. 

Sadly, young people make terrible decisions. While he did have some time to enjoy the rides in the Mclaren, he also suffered a terrible accident in which the vehicle was destroyed. It is said that the car cost $1 million at the time he bought it, but the saddest part of it was uninsured, making it a total loss for Elon. 

Audi Q7: As we said before, Elon has a simpler side and has shown it with a more “affordable” model car, an Audi Q7 worth $70.000. It’s still an expensive vehicle for most of us. 

The Audi Q7 he used during 2012 inspired him to make some additions to Tesla’s Model X, as he said he had some problems with his Audi.


As the former CEO and part-owner of Tesla, you would expect that he had at least one of the cars, right? Well, he, in fact, has all the models the company has ever made. These are indeed one of the most expensive things Elon Musk has bought.

–          Tesla Model S: one of the first models launched to the public is also believed to be Musk’s daily drive option. Its actual cost is around $79.990

–          Tesla Model X: To fix the problems he had with his Audi Q7, Elon came up with the Model X Tesla and his iconic falcon-wing doors. Its actual price begins at $88.000

–          Tesla Model 3: It has been seen parked at its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, and for sure, it belongs to Elon. Model 3 begins its prices at $35.000

–          Tesla Model Y: The latest addition to the Tesla family was a mystery for fans and the public in general, but Elon, being the workaholic and perfectionist he is, had one for some testing before the expected release. The price for this one begins at $48.000

–          Tesla Roadster: The very first model that the company introduced to its customers is also the one that has the best story in Elon’s collection; the car is nowadays up in space. Literally, as a part of a Space X project, Elon sent his Roadster on a mission across the solar system back in 2018.


Elon is a businessman, and it’s shown through his reasonable expenses, especially in the real estate matter. During the last few years, Musk has spent almost $100 million in properties. The most well-known are:

His five houses in Bel Air: This list includes Musk’s actual home in Bel Air, valued at more than $17 million. Its main features are the tennis court, the entertainment center, and the many technologic additions. 

On the same list, we can find: The old Gene wilder home: which cost $6.3 Million back in 2013, a 4.3 million mansion, a $20 million mansion, and another $6.4 million mansions just in front of one of the others.

Some questioned why Elon had spent so much money in so many houses that he isn’t using; however, earlier this year, he declared he had to buy some of the houses surrounding his main home due to security issues. 

“People would come into my house and start climbing the walls and stuff” Certainly, an unpleasant situation. 


Elon has owned private planes for around two decades, and his current one is one of the most expensive things he has paid for. The Gulfstream G650ER was a $70 million expense and possessed some specific custom-made details. You’ll surely include this on the list of the most expensive things Elon Musk has bought.

Described as a “Business jet,” the airplane has a flight range of 12964 km with no need for refueling. That is an entire NYC to Dubai flight! The plane is specially designed to make each trip much more comfortable and counts with technology to reduce flight fatigue. When talking about Elon Musk, he indeed flies with style!


Elon is not a man of expensive toys, so of course, a private yacht must have a specific task to fulfill when owned by him. The “Mr. Steven” yacht is equipped with catching arms and a net system for a particular mission: catching falling rocket parts!

Like what you’ve heard, Elon Musk realized that his company was losing almost $6 million in rocket parts that fall each time they launched a new rocket into space. That’s why he came up with the idea of designing reusable components and having his yacht catching them. 

No wonder the man has made the billions he has made; he surely understands the value of money. What’s the price for this unique yacht? The value is utterly unknown.

6. THE X.COM DOMAIN was the base for what we know today as Paypal. Elon first owned it but later rebranded it as the giant of internet transactions we know today. Since that time, the domain spent years collecting dust until a private person repurchased it for the modest amount of a million dollars. That person? Elon Musk, of course!

One-letter internet domains are rare, and Elon seems to have purchased it out of pure nostalgia, which can be a little bit expensive when you are a billionaire. 


Even though it is not a “purchase” when can talk about The Boring Company, it is an impulsive business idea that went very well for Musk.

In 2016, he posted on Twitter that the traffic in LA was driving him crazy and that he wanted to build tunnels in which cars could navigate to avoid traffic. The rest is a company that’s today building tunnels for transportation in Chicago and Maryland. It has completed almost half of a project in Las Vegas and has many more projects around California, Washington D.C, and Baltimore.

But how much did this impulsive decision cost Elon? He began selling branded hats to fund the company and raised $850.000. Then, he started selling flamethrowers until he raised an extra $7.5 million.


When Elon Musk spends money, he makes sure he can have it back, and that’s what happened with his earnings from the selling of PayPal back in 2002.

It is said that Elon gained at least $175 million at that moment, and he used $100 million to fund his most prized possession: Space X.

The private space investigation and the traveling company have raised more than $1.33 billion in funding and are now valued at $33.3 billion, one of the world’s most valuable private companies.

The first private person to launch rockets into space is well-known for his capacity and intelligence when investing his money. As you can see, he’s very cautious, and the most expensive things he has bought are things that also make him gain more money, something that we all can learn from him, right?

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