Ranked: 6 Best “Ben 10” Cosplay

Ben 10 has had many cartoon versions since its beginning, and the characters are very popular among the young. And with that, here’s a list of the best Ben 10 cosplay.


First off is Ben, the main character, a normal boy that happens to find a watch that allows him to turn into ten different types of aliens and fight against his enemies. Tuxedovilay from Pinterest is more of a lookalike than a cosplayer, he is wearing a jacket with the exact same logo as Ben’s teenage version, and of course, we can’t forget the watch to go with it. Not to mention the hair looks almost exact.

2. zero-o4

Now we have Kevin, Ben’s first and most obvious enemy, for the second spot, although he becomes a hero later in the series. Each character has three different versions, and zero-o4 from Deviant Art cosplayed the pre-teen version. This one is more like an emo style, all black, with the hair slicked to the front and wristbands.

3. JosiePhin

Next up is Charmcaster. She is a villain enchantress who hates Ben and fights against him at all costs. One cosplayer that did an outstanding job at recreating her was JosiePhin from cosplay.com. Her photos have a really good quality, and the costume is impeccable! The facial expressions help make her look even eviler.

4. Fabrice Noléo

Next, we have Quad, a red alien with four arms. He’s one of the audience’s favorites, and cosplayers love recreating this character too. Fabrice Noléo recreated the character for a cosplay festival wearing the whole set with a mask in the company of AX-L-R and Boulet de Canon. He posted some of his pictures on Flickr.com.

5. Yokumori

Next is Gwen Tennyson, Ben’s cousin. She is mature but a little stubborn, so she sometimes tells Ben what to do, which upsets him. Yokumori on DeviantArt recreated this character with a red wig to resemble the hair and used bright green eye contacts to look even more authentic. She looks stunning in both the version she recreated, the reboot one, and the classic.

6. MO YI

We have a villain for our last character, Albedo. He is the assistant of Azmuth, always seeking revenge from Ben, his biggest enemy. Mo Yi from world cosplay showed us this classic version that looks simple but still impressive. The white wig is a must when recreating this character.


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