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Top 20 “South Park” Facts

This show has been a favorite of many because of its satirical theme and surreal humor. Since it first aired in 1997, this show has solidified its place in the best TV shows of all time. With that, here is a list of the top South Park facts.

1. Cartman’s lines

The majority of the time, co-creator Trey Parker makes up Cartman’s lines as he goes along. In an interview at South Park Studios in Los Angeles Parker said “He is basically the dark side of everyone. And I think everyone’s got a little Cartman in them.” Admitting Cartman is his favorite character. And we’re sure Cartman is the fans’ favorite character too.

2. South Park’s World Record

Well, this might not come as much of a surprise, but South Park holds the Guinness World Record for “Most Swearing in an Animated Series.” We all know why, and this is mainly the reason why this show might be so triggering for some people.


If you listen closely, Kenny sings “I like girls with big (bleep) I like girls with big fat (bleep)” in season one’s theme song. Because his voice is so muffled, it wasn’t bleeped. Even though we just bleeped it for the video.

4. Terrance and Phillip’s ORIGINS

In response to comments that South Park was all “bad animation and fart jokes,” the Canadian duo of Terrance and Phillip was born. They are the stars of a television show inside the show, and their roles are basically a parody of how some people see South Park in the real world.

5. Chef is based on a real person

While at the University of Colorado, Trey Parker and Matt Stone knew a dining hall employee that they used as the basis for Chef. Jerome “Chef” McElroy is famous for being the cafeteria chef that is always willing to give advice to the kids.

6. The pilot wasn’t computer-animated

Every episode except the pilot was computer-animated. They, actually, used stop-motion animation cutting construction paper to create the very first episode. Imagine how many hours that must have taken! The artistic work put in this is worthy of admiration.

7. Aliens are hidden in background shots

Aliens do exist; at least in the South Park universe, they do. Aside from the obvious alien episodes like the one where Cartman gets a probe, there are aliens hidden in the background in a majority of the show’s episodes.

8. It takes about 5 or 6 days to make a South Park episode

Thanks to modern technology, it only takes about five or six days to make a South Park episode on a computer. It is a good thing they didn’t decide to make all the episodes in stop-motion, otherwise, it would take months to create only one episode.

9. Butters has a real name

You may know him as Butters, but his real name is…drumroll please, Leopold Stotch. Yes, a very sophisticated name for a very particular character. He started out as a background character but began to gain more popularity as he started replacing Kenny in the friend group.

10. Chewbacca makes an appearance every Halloween

In every Halloween special, one character wears a Chewbacca costume. Who will it be this year?

11. Celebrities are offered crappy roles on the show

Did you know Jerry Seinfeld was a huge South Park fan? When Jerry’s agent contacted Matt Stone and Trey Parker in 1997 in hopes of landing a guest spot on the show, the duo replied with an offer: Seinfeld could play one of the background turkeys in the “Starvin’ Marvin” episode. But he refused the role. We would have loved to see how this addition would have turned out!

12. Kenny has died many, many times

Kenny has died more than 80 times in South Park, but over 100 total if you factor in the early animated shorts, other authorized TV parodies, video games, and the South Park movie. We could say he has more lives than a cat!

13. Trey Parker used music from one of his student films in the end credits

When the production company logo appears at the end of each episode, the music that plays along with it is from the song “Shpadoinkle,” which was used in Trey Parker’s student film, Cannibal! The Musical. It’s amazing what the mind of a creative can do!

14. The theme song is performed by Primus

The South Park theme song is performed by the Grammy-nominated rock band Primus. They are an American funk metal band that has been credited as very influential in the genre. It is admirable that this fusion of styles can be made.

15. Trey Parker’s bad childhood habit inspired Christmas Poo

Inspired by Trey Parker’s bad habit of not flushing the toilet when he was a kid, Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo was created. Trey takes inspiration in the simplest things, and sometimes most bizarre; this is why this show is so loved by many.

16. The KFC Weed Dispensary is a real place

You might remember the episode “Medicinal Fried Chicken” like the one where Randy purposely gives himself cancer to buy medical plants from the KFC turned weed dispensary. But did you know that the KFC dispensary is actually based on a real location in Los Angeles? After a Kentucky Fried Chicken went out of business, the store turned into “Kind For Cures,” a retailer of weed accessories. The dispensary received a lot of fame after the episode aired, and even has posters of South Park in the store that commemorate their appearance on the show. How cool is that?

17. Professor Chaos is based on Marvel’s Dr. Doom

Butters’ supervillain alter-ego, Professor Chaos, is based on the Marvel Comics villain Dr. Doom. His determination to show that he is the evilest of all is the funniest part of this character’s personality; just like Dr. Doom is somehow trying to prove himself.

18. Kenny’s voice comes from an unusual place

Co-creator Matt Stone has a trick up his sleeve when it comes to how Kenny gets that muffled voice. And, when we say up his sleeve, we mean literally. He speaks into his hand or his sleeve when saying Kenny’s lines to give the effect of talking under the hoodie.

19. Kyle and Ike’s names put together are a racial slur

Take the first letter of Kyle’s name and put it in front of Ike’s. This is obviously an intentional joke, as are the many other Jewish jokes in the history of the show. Like that time Cartman forced Kyle to give him his “Jew Gold” or the episode where Kyle’s Jewish lack of rhythm almost kills everyone in his class. It might be funny for some, but for others quite offensive, but isn’t this what South Park is known for?

20. Trey Parker plays with Legos when he has writer’s block

In the documentary “6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park,” Trey revealed that when he’s feeling stuck on an episode, he likes to play with Legos to unlock a different part of his brain. Maybe we should take that as advice, it’s a really different way to help your brain bring out its creativity.


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