Top 6 Dragon Cartoon Characters In Real Life

Dragons are mythical creatures we all grew up watching on television. While they may not be real, but we found brilliant cosplay, costumes, and animals that look remarkably like popular dragon characters. With that, here is a list of dragon characters in real life.

1. Toothless

From the series entitled “DreamWorks Dragons” based on “How to Train Your Dragon,” Toothless is one of the world’s most loved dragon characters. Who would not love this adorable and impressively intelligent creature?

The closest looking reptile to Toothless is the Black Girdled Lizard. Although this animal does not have enormous wings, it does have the same color and texture as Toothless.

Speaking of similarities, we found this Toothless cosplay by Laura Sun, and we think the subtle scales and the overall look are great!

2. Dragon

Say hi to Jane’s best friend. This character may look extremely intimidating, but he is gentle and innocent. Mostly green with some parts of his body yellow, Dragon undoubtedly resembles the Green Iguana.

Just look at them! The hints of orange and spikes on its back are spot on with Dragon’s features! What do you think?

3. Squirt

Squirt, from the animated show Mike the Knight, is a good friend. He is proud that he is involved in Mike’s journeys around the kingdom. His color is brighter than the previous dragons, and we are sure you will be amazed at how accurate the real-life version is.  

Have you seen a Common Collared Lizard before? Well this is what it looks like. You cannot tell me that the colors are not accurate! It is so cool!

4. Meatlug

We have yet another character from DreamWorks on this list of dragon characters in real life. Meatlug is a gentle giant, like most of the creatures on our list. So, maybe these dragons deserve all the admiration thrown at them. Affectionate and sweet, she can make anyone’s heart melt!

Oddly enough, the character awfully looks like larvae of a Common Yellow Underwing Moth. There is just something about the color. 

5. Azymondias

Let us move onto the next animated series: The Dragon Prince. This dragon with a name that sounds like a word from a spelling bee has elegant blue scales and a white mane. To add more physical descriptions, he also has white claws and fur of the same color just at the top of his tail.

While the creature we are going to compare to this character does not have the same color, it is as elegant as Azymondias. This is the Turquoise Iguana. And so far, all the animals we have discussed do not seem real at all.

6. Tabaluga

Let us end the list with the prince of Greenland. Tabaluga is a small dragon that is mostly green with hints of yellow. This character is almost identical to Green Forest Lizards in Sri Lanka because of the spikes and combination of green and yellow.

If you like this classic character a lot, the good news is you can dress up like him! Yes, stores sell costumes of Tabaluga you will surely enjoy.


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