Top 3 Forest Cartoon Characters In Real Life

Within the endless trees, shrubs, and vines of forests are some mighty animals we often see in cartoons—and we are going to learn more about them today. With that, here is a list of the top forest characters in real life.

1. Mojo Jojo

Remember Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff Girls? The show about three kindergarten superheroes? Well, if you do, then you should also remember the evil villain: Mojo Jojo. This mutant ape will practically do anything to make the lives of the girls miserable. But he is no match for the unity and power of the girls, what a shame.

Did you know that real mutant Apes were discovered in Uganda? Yes, once people realized that something strange was occurring within the chimps and baboons, researchers immediately studied the situation. And it turns out that a vast population of the primates was losing limbs, developing cleft lips, flattened noses, and more. Can you guess the cause? Well, they found out that it was agricultural pesticides. These chemicals eventually found their way to the food and habitat of the poor animals.

Moving on, the odd appearance of Mojo Jojo inspired a lot of cosplays. But Michelle Bello’s maybe the best one, in our opinion. Do you agree?

2. Hippety Hopper

Hopping from the iconic Looney Tunes show, this kangaroo has a well-deserved spot on our list of forest characters in real life. We all know that Hippety can take on any animal effortlessly. However, people often mistake him for a gigantic mouse, so the character gets underestimated a lot. But of course, he does not fail to impress and frighten everyone.

Their powerful legs and muscular tails leave their poor victims severely injured.  Can you fight a kangaroo? They are marsupials that look all cute and innocent, but you really should not mess with them. But rightfully so, people really cannot help but adore them. Female kangaroos carry their joeys in their pouches, so many moms have put on kangaroo costumes and did the same with their babies! How cute!

3. Nick Wilde

Last on our list is the red fox of Disney’s Zootopia. Officer Nicholas Piberius “Nick” Wilde uses his charm to con his victims. Big-mouthed and always curious, this fox eventually redeemed himself in the movie.

Foxes, like Nick, say a lot—not literally though. Did you know that foxes can make 40 different sounds? That is so cool!

Nick has red fur, wears formal green polo, a striped necktie, and slacks. A lot of cosplayers dressed up as him. And looking at this picture, it looks great! Everyone should try to remake this sly, cocky, and easygoing character’s look! Would you?


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