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Top 18 “Paw Patrol” Facts

We only see half of the story on screen— so we are going to unravel interesting things that will make you know more about your favorite animated characters. With that, here is a list of the top Paw Patrol facts.

1. “Raffi and the Rescue Dogs” was the original title of PAW Patrol 

While Raffi is not that far off from “Ryder,” the latter definitely has a better ring to it. But since we are on the topic of original ideas for the show, we are going to give you two bonus facts just because you clicked on the article. Ryder was not supposed to be a child. He was meant to be an adult. Also, the dogs were meant to walk on two legs. We are glad they did not stick to those ideas.

2. We do not know what PAW stands for 

PAW does not only represent the dogs in the crew. It is an acronym; and we really do not know what it stands for. In some sources, it means Pups at Work. However, conflicting articles claim that it stands for “Protect and Wag.” Which one do you think is right?  

3. PAW Patrol has its own apples

Normally, successful animated series like this would exhaust their resources on releasing merchandise. And while they do sell toys and clothes, they also sell apples. Yes, PAW Patrol has its own brand of apples. Apparently, a pack of PAW Patrol apples weigh about 3 pounds. And they come in different kinds: Heroic Honeycrisp, Fly Gala, and Fired up Fuji. Would you buy one?

4. The super pups were inspired by real-life superheroes

The official website states that “Each pup is inspired by a real-world job like firefighter, police officer and construction worker.” We think this is a very wholesome way of honoring the efforts and dedication of these hardworking people.

5. The human characters in the show do not have pinkies

If you really look closely at the characters, you can notice that they only have 4 fingers. This feature is quite common among animated characters. Why do you think animated humans lack pinkies?

6. The show’s theme song was covered by Lou Barlow

Lou Barlow may be the most prolific songwriter of his generation. And amazingly, this iconic artist sang an acoustic version of the PAW patrol’s theme song. And he even added his own verse to the song about the experience of going to Target with a child. Barlow wrote in the video description: “I sing and play the theme then add my own lyrics (warning, there’s one swear word!)” He then proceeds to promote his upcoming songs inspired by his daughter.  

7. Only one character is a mixed breed

All but one pup is a particular breed of dog. Can you guess which one is the mixed breed? Well, it is Rocky. But before we talk about his breed, let us dive into the rest of the pups. Everest is a husky, Chase is a German shepherd, Zuma is a chocolate Labrador, Marshall is a Dalmatian, Rubble is a bulldog, Tracker is a chihuahua, and Skye is a cockapoo. The thing is, all we know for sure is that Rocky is a mixed breed. However, people assume that he may be a Terrier. What do you think?  

8. Multiple voice actors played Ryder

Out of all the characters in the show, Ryder was played by the most voice actors. In fact, a total of 4 voice actors played the character namely: Owen Mason, Elijha Hammill, Jaxon Mercey, and Joey Nijem.

9. The names of the characters represent their roles

You may have noticed this already but let us discuss the pattern further, beginning with Chase. The character’s name refers to a police chase. Ryder was named after the fact that he is the only dog who rides his vehicle during every mission. Marshal’s name was directly derived from “fire marshal.” Rubble’s name was inspired by the rubble you find in construction. Rocky’s name is not directly correlated to his recycling job since creators only took the first letter of his name from the three R’s (Reduce, reuse, recycle.) 

10. All the main characters are not more than 10 years old

Ryder is the oldest main character of the team, and he is only ten years old. Geez, this character has contributed more to society than most adults.

11. PAW Patrol is broadcasted in more than 160 countries  

The animated series is not only popular in Western counties. While it is incredibly famous in France and the UK, the show is known worldwide.   

12. Their theme song was nominated for Outstanding Original Song

We talked about the theme song several facts ago. This time, we will talk about how it was nominated at the 41st Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards for Outstanding Original Song. Eventually, Disney’s Sofia the First’s theme song won the award. Nevertheless, the producers did a great job in composing the catchy song.

13. There are stories behind the car numbers

The numbers on the cars in the series are not random at all. They indicate when each character became a member of the PAW Patrol. So, Ryder’s red quad bike that transforms into an ATV is labeled 01; Chase’ police truck is 02;  and Marshall’s red fire truck is 03. Did you notice the numbers?

14. Captain Turbot’s first name is Horatio

Another member of the team, Captain Turbot, is the most frequent caller. And because he is always referred to as Cap’n Turbot, his first name is not known to many. However, it was then revealed in an episode entitled “Pups Save the Turbots” as Horatio. Cool name if you ask me.

15. Katie was not meant to be blonde

When creators were conceptualizing on how the sweet pet groomer would look, they ended up with nine different designs. The interesting thing about the designs is none of them portrayed Katie as blonde. Not that being a blonde is a big deal, but we just wanted to put that out there.

16. The creator of PAW Patrol also created Bob the Builder

British TV producer Keith Chapman created this phenomenally successful animated series.  Impressively, he is also the creator of another well-known kid show entitled “Bob the Builder.” Do you watch Bob the Builder too?

17. Only 7 characters consistently appear in every single episode

PAW Patrol currently has 13 members, originally seven. Those seven members are namely Ryder, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, and Skye. And these characters have been observed to appear in all the episodes of the show consistently. Which character do you want to appear more often?

18. Katie’s role in the pet parlor is a mystery

Like we have mentioned earlier, Katie is a pet groomer. However, since she is the only employee seen working in the pet parlor, we cannot tell if she is the owner or just an employee. What do you think?


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