Top 10 “Amazing World of Gumball” Facts

This show has proven that human and animated worlds can merge in a way that is beyond peculiar—but how close is it to reality? With that, here is a list of the top Amazing World of Gumball facts.

1. Elmore

Watching a single episode of the Amazing World of Gumball is enough to conclude that Elmore is more than strange. And while the show is far from reality, the creators based the setting on a real place in America. But before we reveal the exact location of Elmore, allow me to describe the place briefly.

This city has many fun places, including its own cinema, park, gas station, mall, hospital, and high school—which we will discuss later on. But considering all these establishments, Elmore is assumed to be a relatively small town. In fact, people have speculated its population to be only about 20,000. With that said, Elmore was generally based on Vallejo, California. We say “generally” because people have observed that the school and other buildings are remarkably like those in San Francisco.

2. Gumball Watterson

Let us move on to the first character on this list: Gumball. At first glance, it is hard to tell what type of animal Gumball is. Is he a cat? Or a dog? Maybe both? Well, this twelve-year-old creature was supposed to be a blue dog. Creators even considered the idea of Gumball as a black cat. Eventually, they all settled on the idea of this character as a blue cat.

While quite a handful of blue cats exists in our world, the closest one to Gumball is the Chartreux breed. Chartreux cats are known as very silent creatures with slightly pointed ears and round heads. And you should know that being quiet is not a trait that Gumball has. However, both Chartreux cats and Gumball are communicative, silly, and playful. 

3. Darwin Watterson

Darwin Watterson’s full name is remarkably interesting and quite the tongue twister. But let me lay it out to you for your entertainment: Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson III. His parents may have hated him to make his life miserable like this. Can you imagine how long it would take him to fill out forms? Anyways, Darwin is Gumball’s adoptive brother. And he is a goldfish. Yes, he is an orange goldfish with arms and long legs.

And although real-life goldfish cannot walk on two feet, they can do something more impressive. Did you know that these creatures can see more colors than humans? In fact, they can see ultraviolet light. That is not all! Goldfish have a sixth sense, which enables them to identify changes in water currents and vibrations. Nevertheless, Darwin and real goldfish bring people joy. Do you have a pet goldfish?

 4. Elmore Junior High

This place is amazingly like every other high school—with a cheerleading squad and marching band. Tons of characters were also introduced in the school, including Gumball’s love interest. Elmore Junior High’s exterior was based on Abraham Lincoln High School, located in San Francisco. Comparing both versions side by side, we think the main differences are the pink and blue colors. The creators did a great job of keeping this accurate.

5. Richard Watterson

Richard is not exactly a good example to his three kids; he lacks a sense of responsibility. Well, to be frank, he lacks common sense too. But that is not to say that he neglects his wife and children; Richard loves his family very much.

Unlike the previous characters, you can immediately identify what kind of animal this character is. It is hard to go wrong with Richard. Yes, he is indeed a pink rabbit. Round with long ears, this character walks around with a formal uniform, although he is unemployed. Rabbits do have long ears and sharp incisors—as seen from Richard. They are also playful and social animals. Do you think Richard has these traits too?

6. Wattersons’ house

Another frequently featured location in the show, this is the house where the major characters reside. Originally green, the house eventually became a light shade of blue after Richard painted it. The Wattersons’ house is located exactly on 1026 York Street, Vallejo, California. If you get to visit the home yourself, you will see how identical the actual house is to the version in the show. How cool!

7. Penny Fitzgerald

While she has been in a peanut shell in most episodes, Penny is really a shape-shifting fairy. Apparently, she can transform into different creatures based on her mood. This was revealed in an episode named “The Shell.” Soft-spoken and sweet, Penny is part of the school’s cheerleading team.

Addison Wells, from the Disney movie Zombies, is also a cheerleader of a strange school. Played by Meg Donnelly, this character is extremely nice and friendly. Like Penny, Addison has a sense of integrity and refuses to watch her friends get poorly treated. Walking peanuts or shape-shifting fairies may not be real. But still, Meg Donnelly must be the perfect real-life equivalent of this character. What do you think?

8. Family Vehicles

Let us talk about cars. The primary and most frequently used family car of the Wattersons is the Cartax. This vehicle is similar to the 1977 Ford Pinto, it is just a little more rectangular looking. Sadly, this beautiful car often gets damaged, but it is no surprise considering the behaviors of the characters.

Another family vehicle used in the series is the minivan, which first appeared in the episode entitled “The DVD.” This car often gets driven by Nicole, Gumball’s mother. Looking closely at this minivan, you can really say that it is quite identical to a 1984–1986 Dodge Caravan.

9. Rob

The next character we are going to talk about is the main antagonist of the show. Rob is a former student at Elmore Junior High, and he eventually became Gumball’s arch-nemesis. Thin and slim, this character was once a cyclops. Later, he transformed into a 2D character with long hair that covers almost half of his face.

As a cyclops, Rob can be compared to actor Will Poulter, mostly known for his role as Eustace Scrubb in The Chronicles of Narnia. We think the main similarity is the shape of his eyebrows when he frowns. Besides, he also did a great job of being the main antagonist in the maze Runner.

On the other hand, the later version of Rob looks a lot like Nick Robinson when he played the role of Olly Bright in the movie Everything, Everything. It is just something about their somber eyes that led me to this conclusion. Can you think of other real-life versions of the 2 Robs?

10. Darwin’s Yearbook

The Amazing World of Gumball released a spinoff at one point entitled “Darwin’s Yearbook”, which had a total of six episodes. This spinoff was mainly a collection of other events that took place in the previous episodes, with each episode focusing on a different character. The first episode was about Banana Joe, followed by Clayton, and then Carrie. If you want to know the other characters in this series, you must watch it yourself.

If you are a massive fan of the show, you will be glad to know that there is an actual Yearbook of the school being sold in online and physical stores worldwide. This book is entitled “The Official (Really Lame) Elmore Junior High School Yearbook.” But if you cannot buy the book, you can play a game on the official Cartoon Network Website called “Darwin’s Yearbook.” What are you waiting for?


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