Ranked: 8 Best “The Lionguard” Cosplay

It’s now time to dive into the show that focuses on Kion, Simba and Nala’s son. The characters in the series exhibit unique personalities and beliefs. With that said, we are going to know how these animated characters will look in our world. Here is a list of the best Lionguard cosplay.

1. Stylouz

One of the most admired characters of Disney, Scar, is beyond ruthless. According to Mufasa in the 21st episode, Never Roar Again, “Scar cared only for himself. His selfishness fueled his anger.” With a very dominant dark orange scar on his face and overall sharp features, a lot of people have attempted to recreate his look. Stylouz transformed himself into a humanized version of Scar, and it looks insane! 

2. Sara du Jour

Another Scar look we want to acknowledge is by Sara du Jour. She posted this picture of her version of the character on her website. What do you think? 

3. Alton Fitzgerald

The older brother of Scar, Mufasa, does not exactly appear on the show physically. Instead, he is only seen within the clouds. Nevertheless, he still deserves to be on our list. A wise king, Mufasa has a thick and dark red mane. And he carries himself with confidence. Alton Fitzgerald White played Mufasa in the Lion King Musical, Gazelle Tour. And looking at the picture, you can say that he portrayed the character well.  

4. Merisiel Irum

Merisiel Irum also dressed up as Mufasa. Although the look depicted the character in a more subtle way, it still deserves recognition. 

5. Abduction phenomenon

Let us move on to the main antagonist of the show. Like most villains, Janja is very intelligent. This hyena is bluish-grey with dark grey spots. Most notably, he has yellow eyes. This feature of his was portrayed by the user Abduction phenomenon, which he shared on Tumblr. Pretty spot on, right? 

6. Julie Taymor and Michael Curry

Speaking of these vicious creatures of the series, let me show you these three men who played hyenas in The Lion King on Broadway. Both Julie Taymor and Michael Curry designed the looks. How awesome!  

7. Elazar 

Proceeding with the Queen of the Pride Lands, Nala is a lioness with endless determination and faith. She has stunning turquoise eyes and a light brown coat.  Elazar posted this picture on the World Cosplay website of both a Simba and Nala cosplay! 

8. ChickenNuggetCosplay 

This character is a mandrill. And just to let you know, mandrills are colorful primates classified as vulnerable species in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Moving on, Rafiki is known to be a very wise character with great intentions. ChickenNuggetCosplay has posted a version of the character on the Deviant art website. The details are insane. 



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