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Ranked: 7 Best Hotel Transylvania Cosplays

The movie all about the forbidden but charming love story between a human and a vampire, Hotel Transylvania made us wish blood-sucking creatures were real. And one of the best things about this movie is the delightful variety among its characters. If you want to know what they would look like in our world, here is a list of the best Hotel Transylvania cosplays.

1. Pastel.fruit 

Let us start the list with the vampire, who is believed to be at least 126 years old. Mavis is an overall intelligent and brave girl. But most importantly, she is adventurous. With short black hair, bright blue eyes, and dark lips, Mavis has quite a unique look. User @pastel.fruit posted a TikTok where she dressed up and acted like the character. As you can see, it is pretty spot on. 

2. EscapeDesignFX

Hotel Transylvania is a place in Europe where all kinds of monsters visit, Bigfoot being one of them. This picture was uploaded to the Deviant Art website by EscapeDesignFX. Yes, the artist made a real-life version of the creature. And the caption states that the figure stands at about 7 feet tall. How cool!

3. Kate

As you can immediately tell by her name, this character is a werewolf. Proud mother Wanda Werewolf is sweet and gentle to her six dozen little pups. We found this picture on the See Kate Sew website. And the article provides a guide on how you can achieve the look yourself. Check it out! 

4. San Pedro Mountain Mummy

You would not expect mummies to have enough energy to run hotels. But Pedro constantly searches for ways to make his life more fun and exciting. Coincidentally enough, there is a real mummy called Pedro or the San Pedro Mountain Mummy, found in the 1930s at the Pedro Mountains. So cool! 

5. Colin Mckinnon

While this character looks very creepy and intimidating, he is actually fun and caring. This is why he is one of Dracula’s loyal best friends and Mavis’ favorite uncle. Colin Mckinnon uploaded a video on YouTube entitled “Frankenstein Cosplay,” and it looks pretty solid. Do you agree? 

6. Jonathan Loughran



♬ sofia by clario – alyssa 😁

Lover of Mavis, Jonathan is known for his easy-going and fun personality. This character is about 21 years old. So I think the couple has the most extreme age gap in history. User @spaceboyriley dueted the TikTok and captioned it with, “GUYS, I THINK I ZINGED.” The TikTok video has over 21 million views, so I guess a lot of viewers think they would make a great couple. Do you think so too? 

7. LilyLit_

We are ending the list with the main protagonist, Dracula. Here are pictures from Twitter of two talented cosplayers dressed up as Dracula and his daughter, Mavis. The photos were provided by user @LilyLit_. How sweet!  


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