Ranked: 7 Best Valorant Cosplays

Get ready to fill your eyes with amazing cosplays by incredibly talented artists. Here are the top 7 best Valorant Cosplays.

1. laalquimistaa

The divine and graceful healer who hails from China, Sage is arguably one of the essential agents your team can acquire. Using her wall and orbs of mystical power, she can hold down choke points and assist the whole team in firefights while also keeping a safe distance. Let us start this list with the spectacular cosplay by @laalquimistaa on Instagram. Through the effects, accurate costume, and her on-point pose, she brought the character to life.

2. AZA

The agile and unapologetic South Korean fighter, Jett, comes swooping into the scene when you least expect her. Her quick movement and formidable arsenal are a deadly combination to fight against any heedless opponent. For the next person on our list, let us talk about AZA’s look. As you can tell from these high-quality photos, Jett’s character and appearance were well exhibited. Accompanied by her vibrant grey hair, sharp shurikens, and snazzy combat slacks, this cosplay is honestly picture perfect. 

3. PeytonCosplay

Using her deadly kit and awareness of the battlefield, the poisonous American predator is a force to be reckoned with. With fascinating green fumes, this costume by @PeytonCosplay is breath-taking. She stated in her Twitter caption that she remade her Viper costume in a week. Not only is that an awe-inspiring feat given the timeframe, but her hard work definitely paid off. 

4. Nadyasonika

The power-hungry menace who was forged in the heart of Mexico, Reyna came into the battlefield to dominate the competition. @Nadyasonika’s outfit is complete with the pink and purple highlights, accurate tattoo, sleek but fierce dark suit, and of course, her rifle.  

5. Liarth_cosplay

The mysterious shadowy figure who lurks in the darkness, Omen teleports into action as the agent who utilizes the element of surprise to his advantage. Liarth_cosplay’s look was shared on Twitter by the official Valorant page. This cosplay is indeed a top-tier representation of the character. The blue-lit mask, hand wraps, and purple hood all mix nicely for the perfect Omen cosplay. 

6. Armoratt

The Russian hunter who utilizes his gadgets and skills to uncover the enemy’s position joins the fight. Sova is the cold-blooded archer your team needs if you wish to outsmart your opponent. Moving forward, @Armoratt’s cosplay is undoubtedly too good to be true. He nailed the haircut, hair color, furry cape, and the single blue eye with added battle scars. 

7. black_ace_coSplays

The feisty English man who can take down the enemy in style, Phoenix is here to spice up the atmosphere. With his super-hot abilities and his boundless confidence, Phoenix is a walking-talking Molotov. Lastly, let us dive into this incredible cosplay by @black_ace_cosplays. Everything about the photo, mostly his gaze, was accurate to the character. The added fireball on condescending stare is a beautiful depiction of the character.  


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