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In Real Life: Coba of Octonauts

This adorable baby octopus is known to be a Giant Pacific Octopus. If you want to know why, here is Coba of Octonauts in real life.

Let’s compare their appearances. Coba is a small red octopus with yellow spots and eight tentacles. Since he is still a baby, there is a possibility that he can grow bigger in the future. Appearance-wise, Giant Pacific Octopuses possess a large head, eight tentacles, and reddish-brown color. They are called “giants” because they can grow up to 20 feet. They can also be found more than 330 feet underwater. Knowing this, we got mixed feelings of both awe and alarm. 

Moving on, let’s compare their abilities. As seen in the series, when Coba was scared, he squirts ink that allowed him to escape. To support this, we have read from that Giant Pacific Octopuses spray ink on their predators for them to escape. Additionally, they are venomous octopuses. Other octopuses who failed to escape their ink clouds and humans bitten by their sharp beaks don’t survive.

A fascinating thing about Giant Pacific octopuses is their tentacles. Since octopuses’ neurons are spread into their tentacles, they can decide without using the brain. Oceana revealed that the Giant Pacific octopuses have 2,140 to 2,240 suctions that allow them to have a firmer grip and tap their sense of smell and taste. 

What makes Giant Pacific Octopuses special is that they are brilliant. According to National Geographic, they can solve mazes, open jars, recognize faces, and even mimic other octopuses. Their intelligence is actually what their prey and predator have to watch out for. With their masterful usage of camouflage and their intelligence, they are unstoppable. 

Octopuses are brilliant and fascinating creatures, and we can’t wait to see more of Coba and his future adventures.


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