Costume Guide: How to Dress Like Trinity from The Matrix

Not only does Trinity look incredibly sophisticated, but her personality also stands out. Both a computer programmer and hacker, she has impeccable skills in and out of the Matrix. Trinity is excellent in martial arts, handling weapons, and maneuvering vehicles. There is nothing she cannot do! So, if you want to have a cosplay of this savage character, here is a Trinity from The Matrix costume guide for you.

1. Long Black Leather Jacket

This item undoubtedly makes the whole costume appear futuristic. If you don’t get one of these, your Trinity from Matrix costume will definitely not be complete. And although this item is plain black, it can make any outfit appear more expensive and unique. It’s amazing how one item can make a huge difference.

2. Black Jumpsuit

Following the long black coat is, of course, the all-black jumpsuit. Trinity’s costume is consistent when it comes to color. This item has the potential to become other great costumes. With that said, buying one of these will surely be worth it.

3. Dark Sunglasses

Lastly, we have the staple sunglasses. Having these alone will make you look cool. However, once you have the other two items on our list, you will look and feel like this incredibly skilled hacker. 

They say that black is elegant. This means that no other outfit can be more elegant than this Trinity from The Matrix costume. You can add more accessories to this look if you want more details. But this list has all the essentials you need to look like Trinity.

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