Costume Guide: How to Dress Like Go Go Tomago

Majoring in mechanical engineering and industrial design, this member of Big Hero 6 is also an accomplished racer. Go Go Tomago is a somewhat more reserved or introverted athlete. However, her outfit tells a different story. Lucky for you, doing a cosplay of this character will not require a ton of items. So, we made a short and straightforward Go Go Tomago costume guide to help you out.

1. Go Go Tomago Costume

The racer wears an outfit perfect for any kind of physical activity. Moreover, it is both comfortable and stylish. Who does not want a fashionable outfit that actually allows you to move around? The good news is, this package already includes a leather jacket, shirt, and shorts with leggings for your convenience.

2. Short Black Wig

Moving on to her hair, Go Go Tomago has short black hair with violet streaks. Needless to say, it goes well with her brown eyes and lavender eyeshadow. With that said, the color, length, and overall style of this wig will surely look good on you as well!

3. Fingerless Gloves

The last item on our list is something that you did not know you needed. Cool and functional, these gloves indeed tie the whole Go Go Tomago costume together.

Go Go Tomago is undeniably a strong-willed heroine gifted with countless skills and talent. And her outfit is something we don’t often see, which is excellent if you want to bring something new to the table at a costume party.

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