Costume Guide: How to Dress Like Edna Mode

Allegedly responsible for countless iconic superhero costumes, this half-Japanese half-German fashion designer claims to be the best of her kind. With the constant desire to create the best designs, Edna has determination and passion running through her veins. However, her legendary outfit and hairstyle seem to stand out more than her personality. So, if you want to cosplay the character, here is an easy Edna Mode costume guide. 

1. Full Edna Mode Costume 

The ultra-chic fashionista’s look is phenomenal, which is why fans have done countless recreations over the years. Complete with the shiny black bob wig and thick glasses, this package will help you dress up as Edna hassle-free. The legendary asymmetrical tunic with different shades of blue is definitely a 10/10. 

2. Black Tights 

The next item you will need for an accurate Edna Mode costume is a pair of black tights. This item makes the whole outfit appear more formal and fancy. 

3. Black Formal Shoes 

Now that we have the tunic, wig, glasses, and tights, the only thing missing is a pair of shoes. For an Edna Mode costume, you need to look as professional as possible. With that said, get yourself elegant black pointed heels. It would be best if you balanced the fancy and elaborate tunic with a bit of simplicity. 

Edna undoubtedly expressed her passion for fashion design through this outfit. Everyone would surely wear anything she would create. With this list of three items, you will embody the one and only Enda Mode in no time.  

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