Costume Guide: How to Dress Like Poison Ivy

Both enemy and lover of Batman, Poison Ivy, literally has a deep connection with nature. Carrying plant toxins in her bloodstream, she does everything in her power to save the environment. If you relate to her and her passion, having a cosplay of the villain is a great idea. Here is a simple and easy Poison Ivy costume guide for  you to have the most fabulous and stunning outfit.

1. Full Poison Ivy Costume 

Poison Ivy’s costume indeed depicts her love for plants. Covered with green leaves, this costume will make you stand out. This package includes almost everything you need to look like Poison Ivy: an adjustable dress, mask, glovelettes, boot covers, leggings, and a detachable train. 

2. Red Wig

The character has stunning long red hair that goes well with her all-green costume. Though she is undeniably dangerous on her own, her hair makes her appear more fierce and brave. With that said, you need this item for a complete and accurate Poison Ivy costume.  

3. Black boots

Black boots can apparently make any outfit look a hundred times better. The first item on our list includes green boot covers. That means you just need boots to tie the whole Poison Ivy costume together. The only thing you need to remember is that your boots should at least reach your calves. 

Poison Ivy is a gorgeous-faced villain with deadly capabilities. So, if you want to embody the perfect balance of charming and lethal, this is the ideal costume for you. With the three items listed above, you will definitely catch a lot of attention.  

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