Costume Guide: How to Dress Like 3 Hole Punch Jim

Once you go over this short list, you will realize that the 3 Hole Punch Jim costume will only take a few minutes. So, if you are worried about an impromptu cosplay event or costume party, this will definitely help you.

1. 3 Hole Punch Jim Shirt

Forget ruining a good plain white shirt, this item will make you achieve your desired costume in no time! This shirt already has the three holes, necktie, and name tag. It also comes in different colors if you want to spice things up a little bit. With this shirt, you will have less to worry about. 

2. Plain White Mug

The next item on our list is a very simple plain white mug. Purchase one of these so you can carry your coffee around the office like Jim. So far, the items on our list are straightforward and effortless. The good news is, you may even have the third item lying inside your closet. 

3. Brown Work Pants

We finally have the last item to complete our 3 Hole Punch Jim costume. To make it appear like you are employed and have an office job, you need to wear these. If you already have one of these, great! But if you don’t, feel free to click on the button below.

The 3 Hole Punch Jim costume is indeed effortless. You can even wear the outfit on any occasion for fun. If people get the reference, they will surely admire the outfit. Get all three items and make someone smile today! 

If you are looking for more cosplay inspiration or ideas, we have more articles like this. And oh, we also have a YouTube channel! 


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