Costume Guide: How to Dress Like Chuckie Finster

Son of Melinda and best friend of Tommy Pickles, Chuckie is described as a pessimistic child with a lot of fears. Moreover, the line we often hear from him is, “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.” With that said, having a cosplay of Chuckie will surely be a good idea. Here is a costume guide with three items. With this, you will look like Chuckie Finster in no time. 

1. Complete Chuckie Finster COSTUME

The character’s staple look consists of a cerulean blue shirt with a Saturn on it and green shorts with light green wavy lines. And while Chuckie is basically a child, anyone will look good wearing this outfit. The package also includes a headpiece of Chuckie’s glasses and hair. However, if you want the real thing, move on to the next item on our list. 

2. Orange Wig

For a successful and accurate Chuckie Finsted costume, you will need messy orange hair. The wig in the link provided below is already styled to be messy. So, you can either color your hair orange and mess it up or just buy this wig! 

3. Purple Glasses

Finally, we have the classic Chuckie Finster purple glasses. Like what I have mentioned earlier, this character has a lot of fears. And one of which is losing his glasses. If you had one of these, you would be scared to lose them too! 

Chuckie may be scared of a handful of things, but he still challenges himself to be brave and courageous. If you want to bring out a drop of fearlessness in you, buy the items on our list for a fantastic Chuckie Finster costume. Have fun! 

If you are looking for more cosplay inspiration or ideas, we have more articles like this. And oh, we also have a YouTube channel! 


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