Costume Guide: How to Dress Like Marshall Lee

If you love Marceline of Adventure time, chances are you are a fan of this character too. Formed by Ice King’s creative imagination, Marshall Lee is a self-proclaimed villain who loves music. And making a cosplay of him will be easy if you just follow this simple Marshall Lee costume guide.

1. Red Plaid Flannel

The first thing you need is a red plaid flannel. This item is quite common nowadays. But if you don’t already have a red plaid flannel, you have to get one for yourself. You can definitely make countless cool outfits with this; it does not have to be a Marshall Lee costume. 

2. Blue Jeans

The next item on our list may already be inside your closet. For you to look like Marshall Lee, you need a pair of blue jeans. It’s simple, really. So, you have no excuse not to dress like him on Halloween. 

3. Red Converse

To match with the red flannel, you need the same color of converse. This pair of chucks is classic and will definitely look good in any casual outfit. So, even if dressing up as Marshall Lee on Halloween is not your plan, you still need to have a pair of red Converse. 

Marshall Lee may be one of the easiest characters to cosplay. All you have to do is find the three items on our list, and you will have a quick costume for Halloween. And if you feel like adding more to the outfit, feel free to carry an electric guitar for more detail. 

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