Costume Guide: How to Dress Like Dipper Pines

Are you planning an adventure? Then I suggest you make your trip more exciting by dressing up as the curious and brave Dipper Pines. Once you get everything on our simple cosplay checklist, people will recognize the character immediately. So here is a Dipper Pines costume guide for any party, fun event, and outdoor adventure.

1. Full Dipper Pines Costume

If you want a quick and easy costume, here it is. Complete with the red shirt, vest, hat, and even socks, this package has it all! You won’t need to worry about anything else once you purchase this full Dipper Pines costume. 

2. Dipper’s Hat

This item is for those who prefer individual pieces. The story goes that Dipper obtained this iconic hat from his parents back when he and Mabel stayed in the Mystery Shack. And since then, the character is rarely seen without it. 

3. Journal 3 

Buying this mysterious book written by Stanford Pines has a dual purpose. You can use it mainly to know more about Gravity Falls. At the same time, this is an excellent addition to your costume. This book is hardbound with 288 pages full of color.  You will surely regret passing on the opportunity to get one of these if you don’t click on the link below.  

If you did not know, Dipper’s favorite holiday is Halloween. So, the best way to celebrate Halloween is by dressing up as the character. Wear this and you will surely bring home a plethora of delicious candy.

If you are looking for more cosplay inspiration or ideas, we have more articles like this. And oh, we also have a YouTube channel!


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