Costume Guide: How to Dress Like Jonathan Joestar

A proper gentleman, Jonathan is definitely a person of good manners and integrity. And his personality is not the only impressive thing about him; he looks great too! We provided a short cosplay checklist for you to exhibit this powerful character. With that, here is a simple Jonathan Joestar costume guide.

1. Formal Suit

This Jonathan Joestar costume certainly reflects his noble personality or background. Complete with a cravat, vest, long-sleeve shirt, and more, this outfit will make it easy for you to dress like the character. 

2. Blue Wig

Of course, you have to get the hair right for Jonathan. In the digital version, his hair color is black. On the other hand, it is brown in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. But we are going with blue for this one. 

3. Brown Leather Shoes

Let us end this list with a pair of formal leather shoes. These are classic square toe shoes you can easily slip on. The whole outfit is hassle-free! 

If you want a quick and easy costume for Halloween, this is perfect for you! With this costume guide, dressing up like a rockstar gentleman has never been easier. Assemble this outfit and impress all your friends! 

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