Costume Guide: How to Dress Like Kim Possible

This high school vigilante remains relevant despite the animated series ending more than a decade ago. So, although we don’t see her on television anymore, we can keep her spirit alive by respectfully portraying cosplays of her. Thus, if you want to look like this confident, skilled, and brave character, here is a Kim Possible costume guide for you.

1. Black CROPPED Turtleneck

Kim Possible wears a black midriff-baring mock turtleneck to most of her missions. And while it seems relatively simple compared to other vigilante combat suits, the look is iconic. Moreover, anyone can rock a turtleneck, so you have to get your own immediately! 

2. Black Gloves

Of course, the color of Kim’s gloves match her top. Oftentimes, this part of the Kim Possible costume gets overlooked, but you really need them for more detail. Grab a pair to make your look more complete and accurate. 

3. Green Cargo Pants

Lastly, you will need these specific cargo pants. Getting stylish ones with lots of pockets is critical for this costume. Besides, they can be worn any day of the week! You will indeed have fun making outfits out of these pants. Do not miss out on them.

The Kim Possible outfit can honestly be worn on any casual occasion; just have fun with it. Each item on our list is a must-have for your closet, so get them to add spice to your current style. When you get your hands on all three, the sky’s the limit.  

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