Costume Guide: How to Dress Like Vector from Despicable Me

In the books of Victor Perkins, arrogance and intelligence go together. These two traits of his are the reasons why he is heavily disliked by the characters of Despicable Me. And although people are not fond of Vector, his costume somehow deserves some appreciation. So, if you want to dress like the annoying Vector, we made a short checklist for you to achieve an accurate Vector cosplay. 

1. Full VECTOR Costume

Well, if you want no hassle or effort, purchase this complete Vector costume. A mask of Vector’s face doing the iconic expression and a full suit is included in the package. However, if wearing a mask is not your cup of tea, we have the rest of the costume in the following items. 

2. Square Glasses

Like what I have said earlier, this character is unbelievably intelligent. And since people generalize intellectuals to have bad eyesight, you specifically need square glasses for this costume. You cannot have an accurate Vector from Despicable Me costume without them. 

3. Gold Adidas Sneakers 

Lastly, let’s talk about shoes. Because of the three lines across Vector’s sneakers, let’s assume they are Adidas.  Luckily, you can find these exact Superstars on the internet. 

Vector may be described negatively by a lot of characters, but his outfit looks great. Now that you know what you need to achieve Vector’s iconic look, what is stopping you from purchasing the items on our list?

If you are looking for more cosplay inspiration or ideas, we have more articles like this. And oh, we also have a YouTube channel!


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