Ranked: Top 6 Best Final Fantasy VII Cosplays

From intimidating stares to camera to giant weapons, the cosplayers will stop at nothing to portray their characters perfectly. So, get ready to be amazed by 6 of the best Final Fantasy VII cosplays that exist on the internet.

1. Animerukia

Let’s start strong with this slightly intimidating but very impressive Vincent Valentine cosplay by animerukia. All aspects of the photo are mysterious, menacing, and stunning at the same time.

The obnoxiously large pistol is an amazing detail due to the fact that it is Vincent’s firearm of choice within the game. His Crimson red head wrap and cloak alongside his bionic arm are very well executed in this cosplay. The sleek leather pants also tie the costume together quite nicely.

2. Cookie

For the next character on our list, the Comic Book website dedicated an article for this specific cosplay by Cookie. Liana Rupper writes about how the cosplayer accurately portrayed everything about the Sephiroth, from the costume to the expression.

The iconic villain from Final Fantasy 7 is depicted almost perfectly not only because of the accuracy of the costume but because of how intimidating his cold-blooded stare is, the essence of a true video game baddie.

3. Didsrainfall

Didsrainfall’s cosplay definitely shouts fantasy. And although she is missing the long sword, she exactly portrayed the long hair, red jacket, pink dress, and accessories of Aerith. 

The upbeat and carefree Healer we all know and love is brought to life with this costume. Out of all the details, the flower basket is the most vital because it is the perfect prop to portray the nature of Aerith and because she is a flower girl within the game.

4. Maybean

From a sweet character to a rather fierce and bold one, here is Maybean Cosplay’s take on Barrett. With a gender-bend twist, she was able to pull off the costume very well.

From the tattoos to the battle scars, the one-armed soldier is encapsulated in an excellent manner with Maybean’s portrayal. Not the mention how cool the gun-arm looks, which includes dents and scratches to add personality.

5. Narga-Lifestream

Narga-Lifestream shared this fantastic Zack Fair cosplay on the Deviant Art website, and it is beyond cinematic. You even admire the look more as you assess the rest of the pictures. 

From the hair down to the combat boots, this portrayal is spot on. His posture and sword are also a good representation of the character’s personality within the game; kind, friendly, and confident with his ability to defend his kingdom.

6. TOOmicya

For the last look, we have yet another cosplayer holding a giant sword. TOOmicya did this incredible cosplay; the long sword and spiky hair speak for themselves.

As if Cloud himself has climbed out of the game, this costume gets everything right. The fight pose also adds an “oomph” to the outfit, appearing as though TOOmicya himself is ready for battle.


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