Ranked: Top 11 Best Mobile Legends Cosplays

Here’s a list of 11 Mobile Legends Cosplays that will make you love the game even more!


Let’s start the list off with Kameaam’s cosplay of Odette. Her make-up stands out from other Odette cosplays on the internet because it looks undoubtedly charming. And the high-quality production pulled the outfit together.


This great Angela look by Azulacan definitely gives off some angelic vibes due to the spot-on hair and outfit.

Dexie Diaz

Another Angela cosplay we would like to recognize on this list is by Dexie Diaz, where she goes a little bit more extra with her costume design.

Loey Alice

Paying attention to the accessories in Mobile Legends cosplays is very important. Loey Alice’s version of Kagura is beyond beautiful. The head accessory definitely brings out the Kagura vibe.


Speaking of accessories, look at this extremely detailed Kadita cosplay by Kath. Her dedication to the costume brought out Kandita’s beauty. 


Next on our list is this version of Diggie by Juliet. Who knew an owl would look this good as a human?


We have yet another stunning work by Azulacan. Everything about the Fanny costume is accurate, from top to bottom.

Kimi Hime

Coming up next is Kimi Hime’s head-turner Kimmy cosplay. The daunting gun and jetpack brought the cosplay to another level.

Alexander Bella

This cosplay is the definition of effort and looks. Alexander Bella’s Hanabi costume represented her skills, dedication, and talent.


Just like in the game, Pitaloka’s Ruby cosplay is intimidating. She showed the Mobile Legends community how it’s done.

Alexander Bella

The last look on our list is an excellent Chang’e cosplay by Alexander Bella. It is a perfect interpretation of the character’s cute but deadly personality.

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