Ranked: Top 6 Best Steven Universe Costumes

Are you looking for a way to transform yourself into one of the coolest characters from the coolest TV show? Here’s a list of awesome Steven Universe Costumes so you can achieve the fantastic look you deserve!

Pink Diamond Costume Outfit

They say that pink diamond is the rarest gem. And this is your chance to become one! Because the outfit is completely equipped, all you have to do is put it on. Slaying a character’s outfit has never been this easy. What a total win!

Steven Universe

Who said adults couldn’t enjoy Steven Universe costumes? This package includes Steven’s signature wig, shirt, and his gem belly button. It is your time to be a hero!

Rose Quartz’s Shield and Sword

The positive reviews on these fantastic props prove how great they are. So if I were you, don’t think twice and buy the costume!

Spinel Gem Suit

Do you want to feel cute and look a little evil for Halloween? Then this costume is perfect for you! The outfit is accurate with complete details! Slaying a Halloween look will be guaranteed once you purchase the outfit.

Garnet’s Suit

Are you running out of ideas for Halloween? This excellent-looking suit will undoubtedly make others wish they dressed up as Garnet too.

Sapphire’s Costume Dress

Are you hoping to pull off a classy yet exciting Steven Universe costume? We found an accurate and ready-to-wear-costume just for you. This outfit consists of a dress and white Ladies’ gloves.

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