Ranked: Top 9 Best Rainbow Six Cosplays

Are you looking for inspiration for your next costume? Here’s a list of the coolest Rainbow Six cosplays for your convenience.


We are starting with a cosplay of Tina Lin Tsang, the defender. On Twitter, you can find user RexiDn as Elite Frost. She really did not hold back in portraying the character; even the smallest details and facial expressions were represented precisely. She is our favorite out of all the rainbow six cosplays.


With a slightly terrifying attire, a cosplay of Caveira is next on the list. User Loki uploaded this incredibly accurate look to Pinterest. The fact that she is holding weapons while looking into the camera intimidatingly makes her scarier.

Alex Zedra

And speaking of horrifying, Alex Zedra’s cosplay of Caveira may be one of the best out there.      


Next on the list is a cosplay of Nøkk, a character with an unknown identity. With the face concealed, this photo was posted to Instagram by user _vagame_. Overall, we can all agree that it’s pretty cool.


User bonschweetzcos shared her version of Ela on Twitter, and everything from the hair to the uniform is accurate. She also has the very subtle freckles on her cheeks!


Ena uploaded another excellent Ela cosplay on the World Cosplay website. The artist just took it to another level with this.

Jack Boy 

Carrying his underbarrel shotgun in one hand and a pistol in the other, Jack Boy posted this version of Buck on Pinterest. The facial hair, bonnet, accurate weapons, and fierce look just makes the look a hundred times better.


We are going to end this list with two cosplays of the one and only Maverick. DkFrone’s representation of the character is beyond amazing. He looks like he really belongs in the game!


Lastly, let us recognize this awesome Rainbow Six cosplay uploaded by Mike on Pinterest. Both cosplays certainly look identical to the character.

If you prefer videos, here's our video of the top 9 best rainbow six cosplays.

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