Ranked: Top 5 Best Rick and Morty Costumes You Should Buy

Are you running out of ideas on how to rock your costume party? Worry no more because we provided a list of Rick and Morty costumes for you to choose from!

Meeseeks Costume For Adults and Kids

Perfect for people who are running out of ideas, this costume is undoubtedly easy to pull off. It may look simple, but it will surely attract some attention and start great conversations. So, choose this costume if you want something that is both fun and easy.

Pickle Rick

If you wear this costume, you will easily be the coolest guest at the party! You should dress like the iconic Pickle if you want to dance at a party unrecognized and with ease. Because not only is the costume comfortable, it also conceals your face. And hiding your face will prevent you from having regrets the morning after the party.

Portal Gun

Rick and Morty costumes are incomplete without the legendary portal gun! For an affordable price, you will enjoy this accurate and detailed product from Amazon. Buy it; it’s totally a must-have!

Rick Costumes For Adults and Teens

These costumes will surely make a tandem to watch out for. Both packages include the iconic unibrow, lab coat, and fiber wig. So, if you want to make your night a blast, consider getting one for you and your friend.

Morty Costume for Adults and Teens

These costumes are perfect for Morty fans of any age! With a mask and shirt, you will look precisely like Morty! You don’t want to miss your chance; get yours now!

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