Top 10 Most Expensive Military Collectibles Sold Online 2023

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No.NamePricePurchase Link
11960 Rhodesian Bush War Medals~$692,250eBay
21929 Chinese Order Medal~$500,000eBay
32008 Navy Seal Assault Boat~$395,000eBay
4WW2 Bomber Jacket~$150,000eBay
51850 Emperor Nicholas I Russian Medal~$115,000eBay
6HMMWV Humvee~$125,000eBay
7WWII Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Curtiss Electric Aircraft Propeller Blades~$45,000eBay
81933 Germany WW2 Destroy Builder’s Model~$41,000eBay
9Saddam Hussein International Order to Bolivia, with DNA~$40,000eBay
10Audie Murphy Garrison Cap~$42,500eBay


Ebay features some of the most prominent and expensive Militaria items worldwide. What currently stands at the top is a bunch of Rhodesian Bush War Medals, the set costs almost ~$700,000 in auction as of February 2023.

Other sets and items listed in this article are mostly historical or out of production military equipments. Militaria auctions on sites like eBay are pretty tight and they don’t change much year after year. As of the time of writing this article, the Rhodesian Bush War Medal Collection, Chinese Order Medal, and the 2008 Navy Seal Assault Boat stands as the top 3 highest priced bids on eBay. The 3 items are separated from other expensive militaria by more than $200,000, they are currently the most watched or highest rated military collectibles which can be bought online.

Grading systems for Militaria sold online are very varied depending on the item, unlike most coin and card collectibles. It is important to note that buyer/bidders should know that most of the item’s preserved qualities are often not as official as other collectibles, and so the buyer would have to put on much of their trust to the seller or the one who put the item in auction.




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