How Tall is Nika Nanauro of the Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury?

Name of the CharacterHeight
Nika Nanauro~ 5 feet and 1 inch


Nika Nanauro is a character in Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury. She is a second-year student in the mechanical department at Asticassia School of Technology, who belongs to Earth House. She loves mecha, and is very curious about Suletta’s Gundam Aerial. Moreover, aside from knowing that she’s having an outstanding maintenance skill, and is proud of herself for customizing Chuchu’s Demi Trainer we need also to find out her height.

Furthermore, as shown in images with Miorine and others, it is undeniable that Nika is a little bit taller than Miorine so we could probably say that Nika’s height is about 5 feet and 1 inch.



Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury



Asticassia School of Technology

Earth House

Suletta’s Gundam Aerial

Chuchu’s Demi Trainer


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