How Tall is Koki Takeda of the Salaryman’s Club?

Name of the CharacterHeight
Koki Takeda~5 feet and 5.8 inches


Koki is an employee and badminton player for Sunlight Beverage and works in the sale department with Tatsuru Miyazumi and Mikoto Shiratori, and he also plays badminton with them.  As described in Fandom Wiki, Koki Takeda has green eyes and brown hair. He is also a good communicator and has a silly personality His double partner is Toya Saeki which is why he insists on calling himself and Toya the “Taketo Pair” because it combines their names: [Take]da and [To]ya. In addition to his personality and appearance, we must need to know his height and we need to look for another scenario to find it out.

Furthermore, in this anime image, it is observable that Koki’s and Mikoto Shiratori’s height is absolutely the same, so we can use this as our reference to find out Koki Takeda’s height.

Finally, we could probably say that Koki is 5 feet and 5.8 inches tall.                                                      


Fandom Koki Takeda

anime images                            

Mikoto’s Shiratori

Tatsuru Miyazumi                  

Toya Saeki

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