How Tall is Helena of the ARK: Survival Evolved?

Name of the CharacterHeight
Helena Walker~ 5 ft & 4 in


Helena Walker is the main player of the ARK: Survival Evolved game. As described from Ark Fandom , she is a 21st century or present-day biologist and paleontologist from Australia and a resident on The Island Ark. Moreover, the most noticeable characteristics of Helena is that she is a carefree woman who enjoyed being outdoors and she has a great respect for every person she meets, even if they surpass her, or cross moral boundaries.

On the other hand, aside from her kind-hearted attitude, we also need to find out her height based on the game. In this Ark Fandom’s image, we can see that she is riding a raptor, one of the dinosaurs she met on the Island, and we could say that the raptor is taller than her. With that, we will make this raptor as a reference point for her height.

Furthermore, this YouTube clip shows that Helena is only a leg height of the raptor which is 2/3 of its height. Also, from Reptile FAQ article, it was stated there that raptors have about 15 feet in length and about 8 feet in height. So, we could say that Helena is 5 feet and 4 inches tall since she is probably 2/3 of the height of a raptor.


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